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Fate [1B]

Title: Fate
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 may increase later.
Length: Chaptered [1B/?]
Warning(s): Heechul's being a girl (gender switch). many grammatical errors!
Summary:  What if.. There all arranged from the start?

<<<< 1A

5 years later.

It's the time for hyukjae to be sent to the kingdoms. Lee Hyori was personaly sent Hyukjae off to the kingdom. Her husband didn't sent him off because he was busy.

"Umma, where are we going?" The little boy asked and pout, his legs were sore due to the long walk they have been trough.

"Hyukkie-ah, we are going to a kingdom." Hyori said and give her child the best smile she had. Right now.. Actually right now, Hyori's heart was broken. She has to send Hyukjae to the kingdom. Will they treated her child well? She was really anxious.

"Why don't you drive today? The innocent boy ask again.

"Hyukkie, don't you love walking? Walking is healthy."

"No it's not healthy! My legs are sore umma." Hyukjae suddenly squat down and whines. Hyori felt really guilty, she just want some time longer with her child, but it turns out that Hyukjae felt disappointed.

"Umma will pick you up. 1..2..3." She said and pick hyukjae up.

"Umma, loves Hyukkie so much. Do you know it sweetheart?" Hyori asked and pecked her child's cheek.

"Arasseo. I love you too." The innoccent boy said happily and gave his mother a gummy smile. Then there was silence in the road. Little Hyukjae was fell asleep at his mom warm arms.

Little that he know, his mom stared at him lovingly. Hyori scared that it was the last time she will have her own child on her embrace.

"Hyukjae, we are arrive." She put down her child on the ground. Hyukjae yawn and rub his eyes.

"Woah, umma, the kingdom beautiful, is the kingdom similar with my dream? That there's beautiful people inside, white horse, and so on?" Hyori felt hurt in her heart after heard her child beamed happily. She felt that she couldn't said 'no, it's not a fairy-tale, wake up!' So she just smile faintly. After all, are there a white horse in the kingdom? It's the 21 century. Hyori even doubted it. She's realized that her child still innocent.

After they stepped in the kingdom and got through some formality, they were summoned to meet the queen and His Majesty.

Hyori and Hyukjae arrived at the hall, and Hyori bowed perfectly to them. Hyukjae eyed his umma curiously and imitates her, he bowed awkwardly.

"Welcome dear, take a sit." Heechul said and smile. Well, Heechul smile is no ordinary, even it's sincere, it sent chills to Hyori's spine. They sit in the opposite of heechul and hankyung.

"Is that child Lee Hyukjae, Hyori-ssi?" Hankyung eyeing her seriously.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Hyori said.

"Please drop the formality, I'm your in-law. Just call me hankyung." Hankyung said.

"Oh, neh." Hyori said and smile. But Hyukjae was curious and pulled his mom's sleeve.

"Umma, who is that ajuhsi?" Hyukjae whispered, but the 'whisper' could be heard by all the people in the table. Heechul giggle and Hankyung cough.

"Looks like you really have to learn" Hankyung said and Hyukjae a bit frightened of the man.

Not long after that, Hyori kissed her son and left. Meanwhile, Hyukjae was having a tour with one of their maid in that big kingdom.

Heechul kept an eye on him and smiled, she fell in love with Hyukjae, he is innocent, and simply beautiful. His brown hair, his plump lips, his single lid eyes, his fair skin, he is compatible with her child. While he was eyeing Hyukjae, she felt her shoulder tapped, she looked back and saw her husband.

"Ah, ahjussi." Heechul smirked playfully.

"Heechul, it's makes you automaticly turns to be ahjumma." Hankyung said and sigh.

"I'm no ahjumma." Heechul said and pout.

"Heechul-ah, I don't know why but I like that boy."

"Yeah, I like him too. Hannie, you really must make him a maid first?"

"Yes.. He must learn.. How to be a girl." Hankyung said.


Hyukjae POV

The young pretty aunty said that I won't see my umma frequently and I will live here from now on. I'm sad, I won't see my umma frequently, but in the other hand, I'm happy, this is a kingdom, I didn't know it's still exist in the modern time. The maids are good too. She offered herself too went for a tour for this kingdom. I learnt that her name is SooYoung and I should called her noona. We almost finished the tour, now the last destination was the garden. You know? The garden was beautiful! Beyond imagination! You couldn’t even believe that it was exist in this world!! Wah I’m so surprised. Here and there, I could see beautiful flower.

Suddenly, I saw someone, a boy, he was young like me, he take a wooden stick and fight with an older hyung. I became scared. What was he doing? I went back behind Sooyoung noona and clutched her dress.

“Why are you hiding Hyukjae?”  Noona look at me and asked.

“N.. Noonaa.. it’s a wooden stick.. it was a fight! Won’t you stop them?” I stuttered and my feets trembled, it was scary. But then I heard noona was laughing. She turned her body to me and squat down to saw my face.

“Hyukjae-ah, it’s called martial arts.”

“M..Martial arts?” I asked her confusedly.

“Neh, it’s a lesson how to defend yourself from bad guy. It’s not fighting, it’s learning, Young master is learning, and that older man, it’s the coach.” She said and smile.

“So, they are not hurting each other?” I asked.

“No, they aren’t, let’s go there.” She said and get me in her arms, we went closer to the ‘fight’. There was a bench near it and we sat there, while the ‘fighting’ still go on. The boy who’s the same age like me was wearing a stern look, he was really manly and I unconsciously smile.

“Noona, who are they?” I asked

“It’s Young master and Kangin, the coach.”

“Young master? Who is his name? Why you must call him young master?” I arched my brows and scratch my nape. I don’t understand.

“He is the prince, the Queen and the Majesty’s child. So we call him Young master, his name is Lee Donghae.”

“Lee Donghae? East sea?” I mumbled. My eyes still glued at Donghae. The  Lee donghae boy stop the ‘fight’ look at SooYoung noona and me, he smiled at Sooyoung noona, but he was a bit startled to saw me. He ran toward us.

“Noona. You see me rehearse? I’m strong” He grined proudly.

“Neh Young master. You are a strong boy.” She said and  ruffled his hair.

“Who is he noona?” Donghae asked while pointing at me. I lowered my head as I felt shy.

“Oh, Donghae, he is Lee Hyukjae, he will live beside your room from today onwards."

“Ah? So, it’s great!! I will have a friend to play with me?” He asked cheerfully. Then I saw hand in front of me, as if it’s waiting to be shake. I gathered some courage and lifted my head slowly.

“I’m Lee Donghae, the handsome prince!” He said with a proud voice and smile, I hesitantly get my hand to hold him, but maybe because it’s too slow, Donghae lost his patience and grabbed my hand. I look at him directly in his eyes. Surprised.

“H..H..Hyuk..Jae. I’m Hyukjae.” I said and bit my lips.

“You know Hyukjae, when people offer you hand to be shake, you have to shake it immediately, it’s rude.” He said. I looked at him and nod.

“I’m sorry Donghae, I’m.. shy.” I said and bit my lips again.

“No it’s okay. Let’s play.” He grabbed my hand and dragged me to the whole garden. Play with me for the day. Although I’m shy at first, but he made me open up myself, I felt comfortable when I’m with him. Until we were exhausted and we laid down our small body in the grass.

“Hyukjae, you really will stay here right?” He asked me anxiously.

“Yes. I will.” I nod and chuckles. His eyes looks demanding. Then he pout

“Why are you laughing Hyukkie? I don’t like it because I’m lonely here.” He said and pouted more.

“I’ll accompany you. But.. why you call me Hyukkie?” I asked him bluntly.

“It’s more cute that way.” He said and giggles, I felt my cheeks getting hotter and I palmed my face due to embarrassment.

So, it was that day, it was so pretty, it was a beautiful memory, when he play with me, smile with me, he even laugh together with me. He was.. giving me a pet name that I love so much. The question is, will he back to that ‘old self’? Will he even call me Hyukkie again?


Hyukjae POV

The next day.

“Hyukjae.”  I heard a person call me and shaking my body to wake up.

“Mm? wae?” I rubbed my eyes and woke up.

“You’ll have a word with the Queen.” Sooyoung noona said.

"Lemme sleep more." I whined demandingly. But noona didn't let me so I woke up, having a quick bath and go to the Queen’s room. I knocked the door and came in.

“Ah, there you are dear.” She said and walked toward me, smile and held my hand, suggesting to follow her.

“Wae aunty?” I said and sat at the chair she told me too.

“Hyukjae-ah, mm, you know.. you will live here for the rest of your life right?” She asked me, and I nod. I remember that my mom had told me that.

“So, you will listen to aunty right?” She said seriously and I hesitantly nod, suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“Hyukjae, you go here, then you have to study about the kingdom, do you get it? And you have to learn ethics. But before that, you must learnt how to be a bit delicate. Mm.. feminine. You must be a maid first.”

“Yes a maid.” She said.

“Aunty, maid.. is a girl’s job.” I said and pout.

“Yes, but you have to.” She said and pout too.

“Wae aunty?”

“I’ll tell you when you are big enough. And if you are delligent, it won't take long.” She said and patted my head. Then she gave me an uniform for a maid, it’s a white uniform and a black shorts, but the shorts were seems like a skirt because it’s too wide, and there’s a hat too. I wore all of them and felt like a girl, it’s pretty, that I look like a girl. I went to the maid building and they taught me to do things such as washing dishes, mopping, sweeping and stuff. I enjoy my time there, it's a whole new thing.

But then I could see Donghae walked toward me, I don’t understand why but Donghae went to the building when I’m sweeping. I look at him and gave him a gummy smile.

“Annyeong Donghae.” I said but I saw he frowned at me. He snatched the broom from my hands and threw it to one of the maid, then he grabbed my hands and dragged me. I feel my face flushed.

“D..Donghae, what are you doing? I’m working.” I said with a small voice and bit my lips.

“You are a boy, and you are also my friend, and you are working here as a maid? No I can’t take it!” He said and  I just followed him while he still held my hand. I realized then we were heading to the Queen’s room.

"H..hae.. What are you doing? You wanna see the queen?" I asked and pout. In fact my hand was hurting because he grabbed my wrist with so much strength.

"Just follow me." He said grumpily, then he fasten his step. I had no choice but to follow him.

He didn’t bother to knock the queen's room. He just opened it harshly.

“UMMA.” He yelled. And I could see the Queen surprised at his yell.

“Donghae what are you doing?”

“Umma! Why is he become a maid?” He asked with not so happy tone. He let go of my hands and folded his hand, like a boss.

“Hey why are you so grumpy? It’s because your Appa said so.”

“Why Appa said so?”

“You won’t understand, but if he became a good boy, he won’t be a maid for too long.”

“But why Umma? He’s a boy.” He said, and the Queen glared at him, slowly his frowned look turns into the scared face, of course because the Queen’s glare was so scary.

“Go to your lesson Lee Donghae, why you bother at this thing? You must focus to your lesson.”

“Y…yes Umma.” He said with a small voice. Then he head back to his lesson and I get back to the maid building. I have to worked hard, aunty said too earlier, that I’ll not be a maid forever, if I’m good, I’ll learn ethics like Donghae. So I guess I just have to work hard. And I’m so happy that Donghae seems to care about me, even we were a new friend.

author's note: hey there~ Eunhae has appeared. how is it?
I hope you all love it, and thanks for the support in chapt 1A ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ
I hope you'll continue your support in this chapter ◕‿◕
thanks ♥

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  • Fate 7

    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

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