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Fate 7

Title: Fate
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 may increase later.
Length: Chaptered [7/?]
Warning(s): Heechul's being a girl (gender switch). many grammatical errors
Summary: What if.. There all arranged from the start?


Hyukjae has been wondering all around about Sungmin's invitation. It sounds so inviting, he envited him and leeteuk to sleepover because his parents are not home in the moment, they are went to a business trip, and he is home alone now. The sound of having the place for just the three of them is deceiving, and honestly, Hyukjae wanna try it, it sounds fun.

But how about Donghae? He doesn't want to make Donghae pissed, even he know maybe Donghae didn't care, but he just couldn't do something that potentially might pissed his husband. He already do pissed him, a lot of time even he didn't do anything. So he just sigh, he plans to reject the idea, he know he will hear Sungmin scold him non-stop, but what can he do? And also he at least promise to Sungmin that he will visit his house even he doesn't sure whether he will have a sleepover or not.

Donghae will come home in the evening - the schedule said so. Hyukjae never actually asked Donghae when will he go home, but he always know because before his husband wake up, he always study from his husband's book, also checked his agenda.

He then prepared himself to go to Sungmin's house. When he arrived, Sungmin greet him and said with eyes full of hopes.

"You'll sleepover right?" He asked. Hyukjae stepped in the house and searched of his other friend Leeeteuk, but he found none, he felt upset because there's no one will help him defense himself, because he know when he rejected Minnie, he will blames his love to Donghae.

"Mm.." Hyukjae unsure of what he said and scratch his neck. Sungmin narrowed his eyes.

“I don’t take no for the answer.” Sungmin eyed him seriously. Hyukjae just glued his eyes to his foot.

“Hey.. I’m sorry okay.” He said with a lot of courage. He then saw Sungmin’s face and he know for sure.. It’s not a good thing. Sungmin is eyeing him angrily.

“You. Just care about Donghae. Donghae and Donghae.” Sungmin turned his back and slump himself to the couch.

“I don’t meant it like that, I’m a part of the royals Sungmin, I can’t do it just like that.” He tailed Sungmin and sit beside him, tugging his sleeve.

“ Seriously I’m upset at you.” Sungmin said and look straight, avoiding Hyuk’s face beside him.

“Minnie.” Hyukjae said, his heart feels so hurt. Even if he knows that his friend hate the fact about Donghae, but still.. It’s his husband. He bite his lips and said again. “You know. I want to sleepover at your house. But there also will be some kind of bad-mouthing. The son in law of the royal’s being so free and stuff.” Sungmin stare at him.

“You have to make a better alibi. You are not a freaking celebrity, you are the royals, not celebrity, sure you are famous, people know you, but not that far. It’s not like you are divorcing. When you are divorce, then I bet there’s paparazzi and stuff. But Hyukjae, it’s only a sleepover. Nobody will notice.” Sungmin said and Hyukjae just bite his lips, he know it’s the truth, and he’s scared the fact that Sungmin will angry at him, he is easy to angered.

“Hyukjae you.. you just love Donghae that much don’t you?” Sungmin sighed hopelessly. Hyukjae want to answer, but he finds himself speechless, he wants to say things out, but there’s no sound. He only open and close his mouth.

“No Hyukjae, you don’t need to answer it, I’m not to dumb to know the answer.” Sungmin said and his face soften. “I just want you to be happy.”

“I’-“ Hyukjae’s words was cut by Sungmin.

“And you don’t have to deny and say you are happy after all you been trough. It’s making me sick.” He said expressionlessly.

“I’m sorry.” Hyukjae said.

“Yeah I guess.. Besides, what can I do?” Sungmin smile bitterly, and Hyukjae hug him.

“I’m really happy to find friends like you and Teukkie hyung. You guys care so much to me.” Sungmin sighed and hug Hyukjae back.

“Of course we care. You may love him, but please, you are a human. You deserve to be happy. Just leave him if you can’t take it anymore.” Hyukjae pulled himself from the hug and frowned at his friend.

“I don’t asked you to leave him. I mean just promise me too, if you can’t take it anymore.” Sungmin said. And Hyukjae hesitantly nod. There’s an awkward silence, and Sungmin decided to break it.

“You should socialize more.”

“What’s the point min? I have you and hyung.” Hyukjae asked confusedly.

“You have to socialize more, having fun more, released your stress more.. And I have great friends.” Sungmin grins at him.

“No, I don’t want to, they won’t interested at me. And it’s scary to open up to people I don’t know.”

“It’s my friends Hyukjae. My friends.” Sungmin said, convincing him.

“I don’t want to. They will eventually reject me. People scared friend with me.”

“No, it’s just you who closed yourself up from the world.” Hyukjae shakes his head.

“Just make it up for me will you. You cannot sleepover then do this.” Sungmin ordered and Hyukjae groaned. like seriously Minnie, he thought.

“I’ll think about that.” He finally said. They are chatting for a while and Hyukjae wanted to go home. Well, his husband goes home early evening, and Sungmin just groan, he sure is hate how Hyukjae make Donghae his first priority.
Waiting, is a tiring thing, it’s really annoying and indescribably hateful, but Hyukjae do that every evening though, waiting for his husband to reach the room, while he is just opening his laptop, or yeah.. do whatever. Today, Donghae come home late. His schedule already finish at four and now, it’s already at eight. They even having dinner without Donghae. Even Donghae often insult him, he still feels it’s too lonely without Donghae, he wanted to see him, even a little part of him do scared of his husband.

When the clock strikes nine, Hyukjae heard Donghae open the bedroom door. Hyukjae quickly smile and come to Donghae, take his bags and stuff to the study table.

“Eunhyuk, make me a coffee.” Donghae said.


“Yeah, coffee, don’t ask too much, just make it, ok?” Donghae said while sending him a glare. Hyukjae just set off to the kitchen fast.

Donghae look happy. He is smiling when he reach the bedroom, usually Donghae never really happy when he reach the room. His face expressionless, but now, it’s not like that. Maybe something good happens, Hyukjae thought and he smiles, feeling happy that Donghae’s in a good mood.

When he go back to the bedroom, he saw Donghae working on the table and give him the coffee.

“You don’t usually drink coffee.” Hyukjae said.

“Assignment.” Donghae said while flipping his book.

“What assignment?” Hyukjae peeking at Donghae’s laptop and Donghae tilt his head, staring right at his so-called wife.

“Just shut up, will you Hyukjae? I’m having a stupid complicated assignments and I don’t wish you annoyed me.” Hyukjae lowered his gaze to his foot.

“I’m really sorry.” He said and Donghae ignore him he go back to the book he’s working at and Hyukjae laying down in the couch. After quiet a long time observing Donghae sipping his coffee endlessly, he started to pity his husband, because it’s already midnight, and he’s still working on an assignment, and because he’s really a kind-hearted wife, he decided to make him a snack for him to eat, maybe like frying a few dumpling? And plus he still hope that Donghae can soften eventually on his sincerity.

But when he come back to his room, he found Donghae sleeping in the study table. He then peeked at his laptop and see what Donghae’s working on. It’s an essay. And he know how Donghae hate to make essays. He just smile and lightly, really lightly caressed Donghae’s hair, afterall he is afraid that his husband awake and shot him a glare. He place the plate with the fried dumpling in the floor, and take his husband’s stuff from the table to the floor and start to read it all.

It’s a good thing actually he can understand his husband’s assignment. He already review about it with Leeteuk. Then he saw a paper full of scratch everywhere. It’s Donghae’s idea. It seems so complicated and abstract, with a bad hand writing and he chuckled. He remember the old time when they coloring together and Donghae often use odds color that even don’t make sense.

And it's Donghae. The man who's now his husband. The one who he love so much. It's him. He's unpredictable. Just like all of his drawing and sketch. Hyukjae smile to himself. He tried hard to see the sketch and understand the point. Then he start to type in Donghae's laptop, he do the assignment whole heartedly. After an hour, he feels so damn sleepy, but he have to fight it, for his husband.

In the end, he finished doing the assignment in 2 am, he then saw Donghae's agenda. Tomorrow he have to wake Donghae in 6 am, because he has a morning class. And the assignment, there's 2, not only the essay. Hyukjae then see in Donghae's Microsoft word that yeah, there's one other document beside the essay that haven't close. And it's not yet finished, it still need a few description. And he add it. He needs sleep. His husband needs to wake up in 6 am, and he needs to prepare his bath, his side breakfast, his book, to print. It sure is a lot of things. He groaned. It's frustrating, but it sure better this way. He prefer he is the one who tired, rather than his husband. To think about it, his husband still need to go to class tomorrow, and he bet it will be tiring as hell if Donghae do this alone.

He pressed save in the document. It's finish.. All of it finished. He glanced at the clock, it reads 3 am. Hyukjae startled and quickly print the document. It will save him time. Then he see the uncomfortably sleeping Donghae in the study table. He observed him for a while and kiss his hair. Mint. His hair smelled mint. He smiled, he caressed it a lot of time, to remember how it feels, because he know he won't have the opportunity like this any time soon.

Hyukjae decided to wake Donghae up, he's a heavy sleeper afterall, he tap his shoulder lightly, and he didn't budge, he tried to tap again until Donghae moaned and he said softly in his ears.
"Move to the bed, Donghae." And Donghae groaned.

"Donghae.. Hae.. Move to the bed." He said again. Donghae then stand up and cling to his wife for support-circle his hand to his wife's neck- and Hyukjae hardly walk him to the bed. When Hyukjae tried to place him to the bed, he is tackled instead. He gasped and feel he is wrapped in his husband's firm embrace.

It seems that Donghae is unconscious. He saw his husband closely and feel butterfly in his stomach.
This arms was his husband's. That firm warm hands that hug him is his husband's. He snuggled closer and place his hand on his husband chest. Witness how his heart beats in his palm. He smiled, and absent mindedly, he draw himself closer and kissed his husband's thin lips.

Conscious of what he is doing, his face flushed immediately. Fears slowly crept in his heart. Donghae will not be happy finding out about this.

Untangled himself slowly from Donghae. But Donghae tightened his hug. Hyukjae sighed. He gave in just to stare for a while. Then when his grip loosen, he untangled himself and give a final peck on his husband.
He sat on the couch with a trembling heart. His heart not calm, and he went to the mirror, seeing his face. Flushed. It feels like a dream. And he realize one thing.


Just how.. Pathetic, a wedded husband and wife, but he never felt his husband's warm like that. It's just how.. Seriously.. Pathetic. and went to sleep on the couch, he only have 2 hours to sleep.
Afterall, he couldn't sleep. He tried hard, but he couldn't. He just pass that 2 hours shifting his body right and left.
He rose from his bed feeling so dizzy, and hurrily go to the kitchen, cook for Donghae.
He seriously felt exhausted. He even close his eyes for a while when he cook. The cook even notice him and asked:

"Young mistress, why are you so sleepy today?" And Hyukjae only can smile.

"Ah, newlyweds, how happy." The cook ajjuma said. And Hyukjae bit his lips. Maybe the cook said something about 'having intimate time' but the fact it's not like that.

When he went to his room. He saw Donghae wildly typing on his laptop.

"Donghae, it's time to eat." Hyukjae said.

"Seriously?! It is a right time to eat? Right now?? I'm having 2 stupid assignment!" Donghae harshly snapped on him.


"What Eunhyuk! Why don't you wake me up!! Now I don't have time even to finished one damn assignment!!"


"Stop. I'm gonna work. Stop.. Bugging me!" Hyukjae shakes his head, last night, seriously, just a sweet dream. This is reality. He sighed and give Donghae the printed essay and the other paperwork.

"I already did all the thing Donghae." He said calmly and Donghae examine the papers. He flipped the page harshly.

"Why don't you just wake me up?!" He snapped.

"You seemingly so tired, and I want to be good on my job. To assist you." Hyukjae said with a small voice, slightly scared of Donghae.

"Seriously, if you ruin my marks. Just see." He stared and Hyukjae started to trembles, also trying hard to fight back tears. He just want him to have a good sleep.
"Go to my house okay Hyukkie?" Sungmin chirped happily in the phone.


"What again hyukkie?" Hearing his hyung's words, hyukjae just shut up. He can't say that he pull an all nighter for finishing his husband's work, he know the consequence for sure- his hyung will be mad all over again. So he only can sigh.

"What's there in your house hyung?"

"Just seeing teukkie hyung and I think today I wanna go study as well with my college friend. Let's just go together it's good for you to. Get to know new people." Sungmin explains, hyukjae was silent and progressing the words that his hyung just said. Seeing some new people? He hates that. He's afraid because it's hard to accept a royals without being awkward.

"Please Hyukkie? I do this for your own good you know." The older said with a pleading tone. Hyukjae can't help upon hearing his hyung's words, he quickly complied.

"What time I have to arrive at your house?"

"You seriously agreed with this?!" The older let out a gasp,

"Yes, for my own good right?" Hyukjae said followed by his awkward laugh.

"Go to my house at 3 pm okay?"

"Okay I'll be there. There's Teukkie hyung right?"

"Yeah there is."

After informed the queen that he will be away for some hours to meet his friends, he went to his car and started it. For a while he just stared at the stirring wheel, he has a lot of thoughts for sure. Like, who's Sung,in's friend? What kind of person they are? Will they approach him just because he's a royals? Will they exaggerate?
He's seriously worried that he even told Teukkie hyung, but his hyung said the same things as Minnie hyung, 'don't be too worried, you need socialize more'. He let out a long sigh and started to drive to his hyung's house with a train of thoughts.

Ahhh i'm sorry my readersssss~ i swear i feel really guilty.
It's just lately everything becoming more and more overwhelming!
I'm in my senior year of highschool, and it's hectic as hell. Today I even updates although tomorrow i have another exam.
I just miss you guys too much. Pls forgive mee....
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