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precious 2

After the second crying incident in the grave, Donghae and Hyukjae pretty much closer. Because Donghae already know his address, Donghae often just go to the boy’s house with no reason and took Hyukjae walking around the neighborhood, helping the boy with homeworks or just watching movie or doing what so ever in his or Hyukjae’s house, he also sometimes  walked Hyukjae home from school. Hyukjae is a friendly person, and he is happy to have company, so he has been so opened to Donghae the whole time and Donghae, not to mention, really happy regarding the boy’s reaction. Because of they are often hanging out in their house, Hyukjae becoming close with Donghae’s mother, and so do Donghae, he become close with Hyukjae’s hyung – Heechul – that happened to be the same age with him and with Hyukjae’s parents.

The memory about a month ago still fresh in Donghae’s mind. It’s the day that Donghae first taking Hyukjae’s home with him, and his mom greet the boy warmly. Donghae felt happy because he can sense his mom like the boy. And soon after he take Hyukjae home, his mom tell him that of course she know Hyukjae, he’s a good boy and that he’s so lovable that people loves him.

“I wish you can be with him Donghae, I will give you the permission to have the relationship, even married if it’s him.” His mother said and smile warmly, it makes Donghae’s heart feel contented. His mom just gave him a permission! And he hugged his mother tightly right away, making his mother chuckled.

Today, He’s going to walked Hyukjae home from school. He’s so happy, well he has been so happy when it comes to be near to the boy, like now, he’s so happy for the thought he will soon meet Hyukjae.

“Mom, I’m going.” Donghae said to his mom.

“Okay be careful on the road and faster and make him yours!” His mom teased and chuckled, make him slightly blushed. His mom just  didn’t know how he wished he could make Hyukjae his faster, because the boy just too innocent and oblivious, so it’s hard for Donghae just told the boy about how he felt to the other. He wished that the right timing will come for him to finally told the boy come soon.

Donghae was arrived at Hyukjae’s high school, he can already see Hyukjae was waving at him cheerfully, and Donghae chuckled, just how cute that this boy can be?

“Hey! you are late!” Hyukjae said and punched Donghae’s arm.

“Ouch. What are you nagging for, I’m only late for two minutes.” Donghae said.

“Well I wait for you for so long, the teacher of my last class decided to send us home for thirty minutes earlier than usual.” Hyukjae said and pout.

“Then you should tell me. Use your phone Hyukjae.” Donghae said.

“I.. I didn’t think of that.” Hyukjae said and smile bashfully. Donghae thought it’s cute, when Hyukjae did that. When he just smile bashfully, and lowered his face because he’s too shy to face the other. He then patted the boy’s head.

“What are we gonna do today?” Donghae asked.

“I want to watch DVD.” Hyukjae said.

“Okay, my house or yours?” Donghae asked.

“But I have to do my homeworks which I don’t understand at all.” Hyukjae said again with disappointment written all over his face.

“Okay, that’s it! Study first!” Donghae said.

“But I don’t want to study.” Hyukjae whines.

“Come on, you have to passed, and your teacher already pissed at your behavior, you never do your math homework.”

“Yeah, I guess I have to do it. Will you help me?”

“Yes, I will, but it doesn’t mean that I will do your homework! You still have to do it by yourself!” Donghae said and the boy grinned.

“Okay, no big deal. Then watch DVD?” Hyukjae asked.

“If there’s time left, we will watch.” Donghae said and Hyukjae smile happily.

“By the way your home or mine?” Donghae asked the boy for the second time.

“Mine.” Hyukjae said.

When they are arrived at Hyukjae’s house, his brother greet him. Donghae greet back and smile before he left to Hyukjae’s room. His brother was in college, but he’s in holiday, and Hyukjae envying him so much.

Right after they stepped in Hyukjae’s house, Hyukjae just pounced on the bed and roll in the blanket. Donghae just chuckled at the sight.

“I want to sleep.  The word sleep sounds far more tempting rather than the word study.” Hyukjae said and smile. Donghae sat at the edge of Hyukjae’s bed and touch the pupa Hyukjae, because he practically folded in his thick blanket and only his face left uncovered.

“Hey you must study you know.” Donghae said.

“No, I want to sleep.” Hyukjae said.

“You naughty monkey.” Donghae mumbled.

“What did you just say?” Hyukjae frowned.

“No, I say nothing.” Donghae said.

“You liar.” Hyukjae pouted and Donghae pinched his cheek.

“Come on up.” Donghae said.


“I will force you to!”

“Try me.” Hyukjae smirked and Donghae smirked back at him.

“In the count of 3. 1.. 2…… 3.” Donghae tickled his uncovered neck and Hyukjae struggled helplessly.

“Ahh! Ahh Donghae you stupid hyung.” He said and keep laughing.

“Will you study?” Donghae stopped tickled and asked

“No.” Hyukjae said and grinning stupidly. Donghae then get the edge of the blanket and pull it. Hyukjae’s body rolled and soon the boy become uncovered. Donghae then carry the boy and sitted him in his chair of the study table. Donghae saw the boy and realized that his face is beet red.

“ I hate you.” Hyukjae said and Donghae just laugh.

Hyukjae soon opened his book.

“Calculus.” Donghae saw his book and studied it for a while. Everytime Hyukjae learned math, his face darken in frustration and he would pouted all the day. After Donghae finished studied it, he taught hyukjae how to do it.

“So to find X you have to find a, b and c first. Do you understand Hyukjae?” Donghae asked and peeked at the sitting Hyukjae. It seems that Hyukjae is digesting what Donghae said with pencil on his hand and his head in his other hand, facing the book. Well, the truth is he sleep, peacefully. Donghae sighed and slammed the table. Hyukjae surprised and slightly jumped from his seat.

“Pay attention, Hyukjae.” Donghae said sternly.

“I’m sorry.” Hyukjae scratched the back of his head even if actually it didn’t itch even a bit. Donghae continue to taught him. Until Hyukjae got the point, Hyukjae finally got the point but he still confuse. He sucks at math.

“Stop hyung. I cannot do this. It’s frustrating. I’m tired of solving math problem! It should solved by itself.” Hyukjae folded his hands. Donghae laugh at his cuteness.

“Hey, relaxed. You can do it.” Donghae said and patted his head. Donghae loves to patted this boy’s head. He just didn’t know why. Maybe because the fluffiness?

After they take a short break, they started to study again until Hyukjae understand completely and Donghae left him to get water for both of them, but he saw Heechul watching TV, so he forget about the water and joined Heechul watching the TV.

“Hey what are you watching?” Donghae asked.

“Variety show. This Variety show is funny.” Heechul said and laugh.

“Running man?”

“Yeah. Running man. It’s funny right?”

“Yeah it is, I think you should go for that variety! I bet it’s tiring but it’s worth it.” Heechul said.

“I guess if I have the chance.” Donghae said and laugh. And just like that they watch together and talk occasionally. Until Hyukjae got out from his room and approach the now watching Donghae.

“Donghae hyung. I tought you are taking me water. Instead you just watch.” Hyukjae said and pout.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry. I’m too engrossed I think.” Donghae smiled cheekily. Hyukjae left him and instead he took 3 glasses of water for three of them.

“By the way, I finished the math.”

“Seriously? That fast?” Donghae asked, surprised.

“Yeah, it’s not that hard actually.” Hyukjae said and smile triumphantly. That day, after watching running man together, Donghae checked Hyukjae’s work. He found out that Hyukjae just have one small mistake and patted Hyukjae’s head for trying so hard. Then Donghae went home, with a promise that tomorrow, he will also come to his house and watch DVD together.


The phone is ringing nonstop much to Donghae’s dismay. He know who’s calling and he tought he must ignore it. It’s his manager. He already said he went hiatus, but still, the annoying manager called him. But his manager already called for more than ten times, so finally he decided to answered the phone.

“Donghae-ssi, you got a job offer.”

“No I won’t do it. I’m on hiatus, I’m on holiday.” Donghae said.

“Listen to me first.” His manager said desperately.

“I’m not going back before six months. It’s still three months left.” Donghae said.

“But it’s a big CF! Samsung! And a magazine spread in Woman magazine. Are you seriously gonna miss it?” His manager asked. Donghae shot his eyes wide opened. He wants to do  Samsung. And a magazine spread it’s only a photo session for a little time in high payment.

“When is the shooting start?”

“How long you want to get this work?” His manager asked.

“Make it two days.” Donghae said.

“Okay, Thursday and Friday? It means it’s start tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Donghae said and hang up. Just two days. It’s not a big deal. He thoughts.


Hyukjae was sitting lazily in his table in school. He felt really lazy this day, he even choose to sleep at his table instead of practically jumping everywhere and talked with his friends. But soon, his friend gathered at his place. Boys and girls.

“Hyukjae, I saw you yesterday, fetched by Donghae oppa ! Wahh, he’s so handsome!” Said one of his friend. Hyukjae just smile.

“How can you get close to him Hyuk! You one lucky monkey!”

“It just happened I guess?” He smiled cheekily.

“You know why Donghae hyung leaving the entertainment industry this 3 months?”  One of his friend asked.

“Yeah, I heard about it, he said that he want to search for his other half! Omo how sweet of him.” Said another of his friend.

“Come to think of it, do you think it’s possible that our Hyukjae was the person he searched?” Hyukjae widened his eyes surprised, how can that possible?

“Mm.. no, Hyukjae is too young for him. I think he want someone like Heechul hyung.” One of them stated. Hyukjae didn’t know why but he felt his mind went blank after he hears and the bell soon rings, silently telling the students their break was over.


Just like yesterday, Donghae fetched the boy and went to the boy’s house. Hyukjae decided to forget what his friends said and enjoyed Donghae’s company. He hope really hard that they can watch DVD, but he have another homework and he asked Donghae to teach him again. So here they are, in Hyukjae’s room, with Hyukjae pouting and Donghae explaining things to him. After Donghae finished explaining, he went out and go to the kitchen, which happened that Heechul is cooking. They talked a while, Donghae even helped  Heechul to cook. After the food done, they are sitting in the dining room, talking about random things until Heechul said.

“I want to asked you.” He said with a serious tone.

“yeah, what Heechul?” Donghae asked and Heechul motion him with his hand to lean closer to him.

“Do you like my brother?” Heechul asked in the low tone. Donghae blushed and saw Heechul’s eyes.

“So well, it’s pretty obvious huh?” Heechul asked again and Donghae just nod.

“But the thing is, are you serious with my baby brother?” He asked Donghae seriously, with his eyes saw right through Donghae’s eyes.

“I’m serious.” Donghae simply said.

“Is he the couple you searched on?”

“Yeah, I think he is.” Donghae nod.

“Then do anything rightly. Don’t hurt him, as you know it, he’s innocent and stupid.” Heechul gave him a genuine smile. Donghae just nod.

Little did they know, Hyukjae saw the entire conversation. But the thing is, he didn’t hear the whole thing, he just saw, not heard, and it leads to a misunderstanding. He thought that Donghae really love his hyung. What did he do? Leaning closer to Heechul and blushed? What kind of expression is that? And Hyukjae didn’t know why but it hurts so much to see them, his heart constricting in such immense pain that he never ever felt before. He then clapped his both cheeks with his hand.

“Wake up Hyukjae, you’re going crazy.” He mumbled and forced a smile, then he walked to the dining room.

“Hyung I want to eat! It smells delicious!” Hyukjae said and smile widely. Then they are eating together. In the mids of eating their food, Donghae decided to speak out his leave to Seoul.

“I’m going back to Seoul for 3 or 4 days top.” Donghae said.

“What?” Hyukjae asked, slightly surprised.

“I have a CF contract and a photoshoot.” Donghae said.

“Aren’t you going for hiatus for the whole six months?” Heechul asked.

“Yeah, but the payment just good, so I guess I’ll take the chance.” He smiled while Hyukjae still staring at Donghae. He’s going to go for only 4 days, but it’s kinda hard to accepted and why is he talking so closely with Heechul hyung? He thought, but he quickly scolded himself, it’s not even his rights to be angry over it. So he just silently eating his food. When they are finished eating Hyukjae dragged Donghae to his room childishly.

“Hyung, checked my work.” Hyukjae said, Donghae then checked his homework, it got better, Hyukjae done the homework with no mistake at all, make Donghae feel so proud of the fact that he’s the one who teach Hyukjae.

“You got this all really good Hyukjae!” Donghae said and patted the boy’s head.

“Really?” Hyukjae smile widely.

“Really! Now I’m going home okay.” Donghae said and turn his back

“Mmm.. Hyung. Don’t  go for so long. I’m gonna miss you.” Hyukjae said shyly, he hang his head low. Donghae chuckled and got the boy chin up.

“Yeah I won’t, I will miss you too,” Donghae said, patted Hyukjae’s head and Hyukjae chuckled. Then Donghae went home that day. Hyukjae sighed as he think about it. ‘I really will miss you Hyung, but I think you said you will miss me just because you feel pity or some sort, you will miss Heechul hyung more.’ He thought and again he felt his heart hurt so much. Hyukjae then realize what’s the name of his feeling.

‘it’s called jealousy right?’ He thought and shakes his head.

That day, he realized that he fell in love with Donghae. But he bets Donghae just feel a brotherly love towards him, just like how he love to patted him? Maybe it’s just because Donghae thought of him of a good dongsaeng.


It’s the last work day of Donghae. Today, he finished the photoshoot in W magazine,  and about the CF, he already finished it the day before. It’s not that it’s unexpected. He saw many paparazzi gathered in the photoshoot building take place. He sighed, but he know he must went through them if he wants to go home. His manager protectively went to his side, planned to cover him from he paparazzi, but Donghae just shrugged his manager’s protective arm and patted his shoulder.

“It’s okay, I feel like answering them, it has been a long time.” He said and smile. Flashes of camera blinding his eyes, but he smile nonetheless .

“Donghae ssi, will you talk about your sudden come back?”

“Donghae ssi, how about the love of your life? Have you found her?”

“Donghae ssi-“

“Donghae ssi-“ In the end Donghae just heard his name being called, it’s a bit chaotic, then he get one of the reporter’s microphone and talked.

“I will answer it one by one.” Donghae said and smile sweetly. And the chaotic mess bcome more quiet.

“First of all, I’m coming back because I have a CF and Photoshoot offer, and because I feel like doing it, I take it.”

“Secondly, I have found him. The love of my life.” He said and smile sheepishly. The reporters become furious, the shoot his photo more and asked question.

“It’s a he?” One of them said.

“It’s a he.” Donghae said.

“What kind of guy he is? Please describe him for us.”

“Mm.. he’s just.. Charming in his own way. He’s just beautiful in his own proportion.”

“Is he tall? Is he chubby? How about the face? Nose?”

“He have a cute eyes, and afterall, all of him good, in his proportion.” He smile and motion his manager to guide him, this is his plan, just to declare that he already fall in love and hope that Hyukjae, far away in Mokpo, watch the entertainment and have a bit of clue. The paparazzi seems not yet statisfied, but Donghae ignore them and went to his Seoul home, he wants to packed his things and go to Mokpo tomorrow. He miss the certain boy. He miss him so badly.


Wandering at his house, boringly, that’s what Hyukjae do. His hyung – Heechul – went out for a fathering with his college friend, his parents working and he didn’t know what to do. So he opened the TV. He hates this hour, there’s no good TV shows. He puffed his cheek and randomly change the channel until he realize something. ‘Is it Donghae in the previous channel??’ He thought and press the remote to the previous channel hurriedly.

“- I have found him, the love of my life.” Hyukjae heard it and his heart beating erotically.

““Mm.. he’s just.. Charming in his own way. He’s just beautiful in his own proportion.”

“Is he tall? Is he chubby? How about the face? Nose?”

“He have a cute eyes, and afterall, all of him good, in his proportion.”

‘Beautiful?’ Did he just say ‘Beautiful’? Hyukjae gave out a harsh breath from his lips. If he say beautiful, then no doubt, it’s Heechul, he’s indeed really beautiful that it’s such a waste he’s a boy. He felt his heart so heavy, he decided to turn on the TV and walks to his room – his bed. His heart feels so full that he felt frustrated and stupid. He miss Donghae, but it’s no doubt.. that Donghae miss his brother. Then he bit his lips, and tears slipped down his eyes to his cheek.


“Seriously Hyung, you really must go again?!” Sungmin said. The younger has been tailing Donghae in the house annoyingly this day.

“I want to see him Sungmin.” He said calmly. Sungmin then tugged his shirt’s sleeve.

“I miss you hyung! It’s too silent here in the apartment!” He whines.

“Hey I miss you too. But I must court him first okay? It’s not gonna take long. I promise.” Donghae said and smile. Ensuring his brother is quiet hard. Sungmin pouted and stomped his feet, leaving Donghae. After he finished packing, Donghae went to his brother’s room.

“Hey, I’m going okay.”

“I hate you.” Sungming said , Donghae chuckled. “It won’t take long. I promise.”


“Yeah. And I will also introduce him to you soon.” Donghae said. His brother’s eyes lid up and smile.


“Yeah seriously.” He hugged his brother and left to Mokpo. His heart won’t stop beating hard. He promise his brother to take Hyukjae home, and in fact, He haven’t confessed, and he became worried.


Donghae arrived at Mokpo yesterday. Today, there’s a smile when he woke up. Yesterday he wants to see the boy, but he decided not to, because he’s exhausted from the driving. He greet his mom and soon he went to Hyukjae’s house. He want to confess now. He also bring the phone that he got from Samsung. He got it 2 instead of one, the producer said one for his couple, if he has one. He knocked Hyukjae’s front door, and Hyukjae come and opened for him.

“Hey.” Donghae said cheerfully to the boy.

“Hey hyung.” Hyukjae said. Then Donghae notice that the boy’s eyes kinda puffy.

“Your eyes swollen.” Donghae cupped his cheeks and caressed the puffy eye. Hyukjae shrugged his hand slowly.

“I’m okay.” Hyukjae said and forced a smile. His felt so hurt to see Donghae now.

“You want to see hyung right? come inside.” Hyukjae said and turn his back quickly, get this opportunity to wiped his tears.

“What are you saying Hyukjae?” turning the boy to face him.

“It’s just.. I thought you want to see Heechul hyung so you came here.” Hyukjae said and Donghae laughed, making Hyukjae puzzled.

“Let’s talk. To the park.” Donghae said and grabbed the younger’s hand.

In the park, they sit on the bench silently.

“I miss you.” Donghae said. Hyukjae remained silent.

“Why don’t you answer me?”

“I miss you too.” Hyukjae said fighting the tears. ‘ but you must miss Hyung more.’ He thought.

“I got a little present for you.” Donghae said and place the plastic bag to Hyukjae’s lap. Hyukjae opened the plastic, quiet surprised but he quickly returned the bag.

“I think you supposed to give this to hyung?” Hyukjae asked and Donghae become confused.

“No, I really want to give this phone to you.” Donghae said. “I have Samsung CF, and the producer give me two instead of one, he said the other for.. for the guy I love.” Donghae said and glanced to the boy. He’s so embarrassed to say that. But he said it already and he gathered the courage and cupped Hyukjae’s face.

“I love you Lee Hyukjae. Will you be mine?” He asked and Hyukjae began to cry. Donghae soon hug him tightly.

“What’s wrong Hyukjae?” He asked.

“I.. I th..thought that you love H..yung a..nd I’m b..coming so..o s..ad. Because I.. I love.. y.. ou Hy..ung” He said between his sobs. Donghae feel contented and hug the boy tighter, the boy hug him back tightly too.

“I love you Hyukjae, I really love you.”


It has been a year, that Hyukjae living with Donghae. Soon after they date, Donghae asked Hyukjae’s parents secretly if Hyukjae can move to Seoul with him, when he go to college. And Hyukjae’s parents said that it’s up to Hyukjae. So when Donghae asked Hyukjae and he agreed to go to Seoul for his college, Donghae feels so happy. Heechul feels so happy for his baby brother too, and he said to Donghae that if he happened make his brother cry, he will kill Donghae and Donghae just chuckled and swore he will protect Hyukjae.

Hyukjae went to Seoul and live with Donghae, he also being introduced with Sungmin and soon they become best of friend. He take performing arts major in one of Seoul University, his dream is to be a dancer. But however.. Sometimes life is unpredictable in it’s own way.

One day, Donghae was asked to introduced the boy to the public. Donghae think really hard and become gloomy for days, and Hyukjae take a notice to it. He soon asked Donghae what’s wrong. And when Donghae explained, Hyukjae just said.

“You wants to go to public Hae?” Hyukjae asked and Donghae nodded hesitately.

“But I’m scared that you will get uncomfortable and stuff hyukkie.” Donghae said.

“I’m cool with whatever you want Hae.” He said and Donghae kissed him tenderly. The boy love him so much and is so understanding, there’s really nothing more to asked.

And yeah, he now called him Donghae instead of Hyung because it seems so strange for a couple to called their lover’s name ‘hyung’.

The day when Donghae held press conference regarding to his relationship, Hyukjae feels so nervous. After all, Donghae is a famous person while he’s just a Hyukjae, a boy from Mokpo. When he walked to the press conference and camera flashes everywhere, he felt not good, he’s so nervous and he practically squeezed Donghae’s hand and hid behind the man. Donghae chuckled and the entire press conference, Donghae is the one who talked, and Hyukjae in the other hand just talked when he was asked to introducing himself.

People loves him. People loves Hyukjae. And soon Hyukjae got a job offer. Donghae seems insecure because entertainment world’s harsh. And he want to protect Hyukjae. But he give Hyukjae freedom to choose, Hyukjae think hard for days.

In the end he jumped in the entertainment industry, went to the same agency as Donghae.

“I want to know how it feels becoming someone like you.” Hyukjae said to Donghae when he said he wants to go to entertainment industy.

“I want to be able to stand in my own foot, just like you.” Hyukjae said again and crushed Donghae into hug.

“You won’t have to stand alone, you have me.” Donghae said.

“No, I want to give it a try, and I always have you right? When things got hard?” Hyukjae said and smile. Donghae pecked his lips.

“Yes, I will protect you and always be by your side.”

Soon, Hyukjae becoming a great actor. He filmed a few hit dramas and be a model. He’s doing great. When there’s hardship, he went home to Donghae and Donghae can cheer him. Hyukjae felt grateful for it. And that goes the other way. When Donghae have hardship, he went to Hyukjae. For both of them, their couple was their home, their sanctuary.

A couple of years after that, when Hyukjae done his study, Donghae asked him for a vacation to Paris, it has been sweet and they becoming a lovey dovey person there, after all it’s a country of love, and thelast day of their trip, they went to the Eiffel Tower and Donghae knelt on the ground offers his  Hyukkie a ring. I suppose, that’s the story of how they married.


This is insane!!! Hey happy birthday you birthday girl seachell27

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  • Fate 7

    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

  • precious 1

    Donghae has already live in Mokpo for a month, and there's nobody that he found seems to be clicked with his criteria. Seriously, Donghae is a…

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