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precious 1

Donghae has already live in Mokpo for a month, and there's nobody that he found seems to be clicked with his criteria. Seriously, Donghae is a fool. He is a celebrity, he announce for hiatus and he told the press the real reason he's being on hiatus, to get a lover.

" I want to take a hiatus for 6 month till a year because I wanna look for a lover. I want to have a lover that will fill my emptiness as a single and already pretty old man." He said while laughing.

That sentences he stated was heard to the entire nation. And when the press asked the criteria, he also said.

"I want to have a lover that's pure and innocent, I want somebody that can take me as I am even I'm not perfect."

Do you know what comes after his confession? Dissaster. Even in Mokpo, the girls now the reason Donghae came there and put on an act in front of him. Donghae feel desperate, he want a real innocent and pure, not made up. He planned to go home the day after because it seems that he doesn't found somebody who are clicked with his criteria.

God knows how desperate Donghae is. He feels like he want to sell all his property, live in the small house, an ordinary car, and all of his money given for charity, so people only know a Lee Donghae, not his wealth.

He kicked pebbles on his ways when he heard someone approaching him.

"Oppa, where do you wanna go?" A girl asked while smiling.

"Ah, to the lake Sunny." Donghae replied with a smile.

"Oppa, can I tag along?" She asked with a puppy eyes.

"Sorry Sunny, I need some times alone." Donghae excused himself and Sunny pout some more. Donghae then patted her head and went to the lake. Yeah, girls approach him like that and he is sick of it.

Donghae stopped his step when he was near the lake. He heard someone sobbing hard. Yeah, the lake is always so quiet, and there's only a few people wanna go there, because it's not that near from the houses.

He walked slowly, and slowly, he saw a brunette hair, and when he took step closer, he saw a boy, squatting in the side of the lake, sobbing hard. He quietly sat beside the sobbing boy, he didn't know why he did that, he just felt a sudden urge.

"H..hey." Donghae said hesitantly. The boy take a look to Donghae for a while and continue to sob.

"Hey what's wrong?" Donghae asked and patted the boy's back. The boy was not talking anything instead he cry harder. Donghae felt guilty and thought of walking away when the boy said.

"C..can you accompany me?" The boy said with such a sad stare, and Donghae nod.

"Hey what's wrong?" Donghae asked again.

"My Dog died this morning." The boy said while sobbing even harder. It's hard to catch that words when he was sobbing hard, but Donghae manage to catch it.

"Sshhh.." Donghae said and pat the boy's back.

"It hurts, I love her so much." The boy cry while palming his face with his both hands. Donghae continue to pat the boy's back.

"She.. She died. And I can't believe it." He said again, Donghae couldn't help and pulled the smaller male in his embrace.

"You can cry all you want." Donghae said and caressed the boy's cheek. The boy didn't fight back, he complied, he sat in Donghae's leg and clutch at Donghae real tight. Donghae felt his chest wet.

Donghae saw the boy ear's red. He found that really cute, his sobbing face was cute too. The whole thing in that boy is cute, Donghae felt stupid and cruel when he thought the boy was cute despite he was crying. He was in pain. But he couldn't help it. The boy's really cute. And now he felt the boy's tears wetting his chest and the small hands wrapped him to a tight hug, he felt contented. He continued to caressed the boy's back to calm him down and it work. The boy's cry turned into a hiccups and the boy let go of his hug and moved to sit beside Donghae.

"Ahh.. Mm.. Thanks." He said and hang his head low, he was embarassed, he was crying in stranger's embrace.

"Yeah no problem." Donghae gave him a warm smile.

"Sorry to bother you." The boy stood up fast and bow. Then he ran from Donghae's sight. It was fast, the thing that Donghae know is just he has a brunette hair and a small frame.

"He's the one." Donghae mumbled and smile widely.


For the second time, Donghae feel lost of way. He wanted to find that brunette boy but it seems that it was hard. Donghae didn't know who is he, and when he talked with his mom, his mom said that all the people have brunette hair. Donghae pouted, he has already go to the lake everyday but the boy didn't come up.

He turned up very depressed and frustrated. He went to the rooftop of his house and laid on the rooftiles, pointed the sky with his forefinger.

"If I didn't see him today, I'll pack and go home!" He said loudly. He looked at the sky and it looked so calm, and he become more frustrated. Then he quickly sat. Seriously, he thought he lost his mind, in fact he was talking to the sky.

He groaned and went inside his house.

"Where do you wanna go Hae?" He heard his mom asked.


"Where do you wanna go again?"

"Search for that brunette boy." He said to his mom, then he heard she chuckled.

"There's no one else? You only met him once. Try to see another person." His mom said and he just groaned for the reply. He want that brunette boy, only that brunette.

He went out from his house and strolling nowhere, searching for a certain brunette boy, but his mom's true though, everyone here is brunette, how come he can asked her mom who is he if the only clue he has was 'brunette hair' ? Walking around desperately, kicking pebbles, hoping for him to appear before his eyes. The he felt his body was bumped pretty hard, he fell to the ground ground scattered with many things.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry." The boy said, Donghae was surprised to hear that voice, that voice was the voice that the brunette boy has. He quickly lifted up his head and widened his eyes.

"Ahh, are you okay? I'm sorry really." The boy said again while bowing continuously.

"Ahh.. Ahh I'm okay." Donghae said and quickly squated down to gather the boy's thing to the box that the boy's carried.

"Thanks, and sorry." The brunette said again after they gather his things.

"Yeah, it's okay." Donghae said, restrained his smirk that forced in his lips. "You are the crying boy right?" Donghae asked him. The boy saw his face and startled.

"Uhh.. Yeah I guess?" He said and smile. He looked so embarassed, he quickly picked up his boxes and turned his back on Donghae, but he didn't let him slipped just like that. He finally met him! So he pull the boy's arms.

"Hey, why so fast. Where do you wanna go?"

"Ah.. I.. I wanna go to my dog's grave." The boy said and smile.

"Need company?" Donghae said and the boy stare at him for a while. "No, no I mean can I accompany you?" Donghae fixed his sentences.

"Oh.. Oh yeah of course." He said and give Donghae his biggest gummy smile. It makes Donghae happy though, it's thee brightest smile he ever seen.

They continue the walk in silent. Well.. Hyukjae is embarassed enough when Donghae said he is the crying boy, and frankly speaking, he wants to be alone and reminisce days with his dog instead of walking with ɑ stranger with anxiousness because frankly speaking, he's embarassed.

"Isn't it heavy?" Donghae asked the boy. But the boy ignore him.

"Hey isn't it heavy?" Donghae asked again. But the boy still ignore him.

"Hey." Donghae touch his shoulder and Hyukjae jumped ɑ bit because he's startled.

"Oh... Why?" He asked.

"That.. Isn't it heavy?" Donghae said while pointing the the box the boy carried.

"Ah? Oh.." Donghae become unpatient and get the box from the boy.

"Hey!" Hyukjae surprised as the box lifted from his hand.

"It's heavy. I'll carry it for you." Donghae said and smile.

"It's really okay though." Hyukjae mumbled.

"It's heavy for you. You are skinny and lift something this heavy!" Donghae said and chuckle, then he patted the poutting boy. 'Well, maybe it's good to have company?' Hyukjae thought.


Hyukjae was squatting in front of his dog's grave. There's ɑ stone which written "choco, hyukjae's dearest dog". Donghae just stand behind the boy, observing about anything that the brunette do. Than he saw the boy start to dig the land beside the dog's grave.

"Hey. What do you want to do?" Donghae asked him curiously.

"She will get lonely.. I wanna give her her things. So she won't get lonely." Hyukjae said and continue to shove the ground. It's touching how he love his dog. But the thing is... Hyukjae can't shovel. He practically just sratching the ground and Donghae bit his lips, prevent his laughter. 'Is this boy even serious when he want to go to the dog's grave alone? When he obviously can't even dig the ground?' He tought.

Donghae squat on the ground and get the shovel from Hyukjae's hand. Hyukjae stared at him intently.

"This is how to shovel. You do it wrong. You maybe won't even finished it untill the end of the day if you do it like that. Donghae laugh and the boy blushed. 'How embarassing' Hyukjae thought.

After Donghae dig the shovel, Hyukjae get his dog's things from the box one by one and buried it in the ground. Donghae realized that Hyukjae fighting hard to prevent his tears. After they buried things, they sit in the hill. The hill is high enough to see some of villager's house. It's ɑ quiet good location as they watch the sunsets. But the thing is, they watch it awkwardly, there's quiet ɑ big gap between them.

"It's Choco." Hyukjae said. Donghae move his head looking at Hyukjae.

"Huh?" He asked

"My dog. Her name is Choco. She's always there for me. She accompany me for... 10 years?" He said and gave out ɑ painful laughter.

"It hurts though.. She left me." He said again and let out ɑ shaky breath. ɑ motion that Donghae know will leads to tears. He then close the gap between them and hug the boy, he began to cry.

"Ssshh.." Donghae said and rub the boy's back to calm him.

"She's ɑ loyal friend.." He said between his sob.

"When I cry she will lick my tears until I calm down.. She.. She.." He stuttered because he can't finish his words.

"I know." Donghae said shortly, an the boy continue to cry in his embrace. Once again.. That cute boy wetting his clothes, but Donghae didn't feel annoyed. He's just happy he could accompany the crying boy.

"I want her back.." The boy said and chanted, till the voice become softer and softer. And Donghae heard ɑ soft snore. He chuckled. This boy is surely cute. He cried. And now he snore. He pull the boy ɑ bit and saw him sleeping. He observed his face.

Although there's stained tear drops in his cheeks, and his nose red, but still, the boy looks cute, with his eyes and parted lips, he looks like ɑ baby. He look so innocent. Donghae lifted him so he take ɑ nap on his shoulder and he watch sunset with the boy's hand in his hand. When the sun nearly set down completely, he woke Hyukjae so he could saw the sun sets together. He nudge Hyukjae's shoulder.

"Mm.." Hyukjae moans lazily and nuzzle to Donghae's neck. 'Cute, like ɑ cat' Donghae tought.

"Hey-" Donghae continue to nudge the boy. He wished he could call the boy's name but he realize that he don't know his name. So he just say 'hey'. Luckily, Hyukjae started to open his eyes.

"Hey.. Sunsets." Donghae pointed the sun, but Hyukjae was in ɑ daze, he still not ɑ hundred percent concious. After 3 seconds or so, Hyukjae realize that his head rested on the older's shoulder and sat straightly right away, making Donghae laugh. He only blush and seeing the sunsets with ɑ smile on his face.

"By the way.. What's your name? Crying boy." Donghae asked. Hyukjae tilt his head to Donghae.

"Me?" Hyukjae asked, confused.

"Yes, you! Who else?" Donghae said and patted his head.

"Hyukjae. Lee hyukjae. And you?" Hyukjae asked, and it's kinda surprised Donghae though, he thought all the people know his name, but this boy asked him his name.

"Lee Donghae." Then Hyukjae chuckled.

"Hey. What's funny?" Donghae asked.

"Isn't it stupid? We're together for the whole day today, but we didn't know each other's name?" He said and laugh again. Donghae laugh too. Is it indeed funny, he agreed.

"What matters.. We know each other's name now." Donghae said and smile.

"And by the way. I don't know you are the Lee Donghae."

"Huh? The Lee Donghae?" Donghae asked confusely.

"The Lee Donghae that all the people in Mokpo talk about. The old lady's handsome son."

"Who said that?"

"Peoples. But I ignore it by the way, and I just get to know you now. The Lee Donghae." Hyukjae chuckled. Donghae could feel his cheeks redden, well it's not impossible people talk like that. In fact all the teens and grown up women practically pounce him everywhere.

"The sun's so beautiful!" Hyukjae blurted out, mesmerized by the sun's beauty.

"Yeah! Indeed beautiful!" Donghae agreed, and they stay quiet till the sun sets completely. It's ɑ comforting silencfe though, as they both mezmerised with the beautiful view. When it's completely dark, Donghae stand up and offered Hyukjae his hand. The boy glanced up and grab the hand.

"Where's your house Hyukjae?" Donghae asked.

"Mm.. Below this hill?" He said and smile teasingly.

"Yes of course I know it's down this hill. Where to be exact?" Donghae asked.

"Just.. Below the hill." Hyukjae said and bid his goodbye to Donghae. Donghae didn't want to lose Hyukjae just like that so he grab the boy's hand.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Donghae asked.

"Home. And what are you doing?" The boy asked innocently.

"I want to walk you home." Donghae said.

"What?" Hyukjae asked again, confused he widened his eyes and Donghae can't help but thought it's cute.

"I want to walk you home, we are going home together." Donghae said and linked their fingers. The boy quickly hang his head low to hide his blushing face. Donghae then chuckled at his cuteness and pinched his cheek.

"Ouch. Hurts." Hyukjae said while soothing the sore cheek with the back of his hand when he's unconciously pout.

Their way back home was not quiet at all, they're chatting happily. Donghae was asking what grade is Hyukjae and where the school he went too. And Hyukjae in the otherhand didn't expect that the man he chatted to is an actor. He's surprised and seem really excited to hear Donghae's life. Donghae really don't see it coming, seriously, because all the people there know who is Donghae and what kind of job he's doing but this boy didn't know. And he's ɑ hundred percent sure he's not faking the 'surprised' part because.. Just because.. The expression? Maybe the way Hyukjae asked many times if he's really ɑ model? Well the main reason is because Donghae believe the boy didn't faking it.

"There you go." Donghae said as they arrive at the boy's house. The boy chuckled.

"Thanks. I have ɑ good day today. You're such ɑ good company hyung." He smile happily.

"Well good then." Donghae said, then he closed the gap within the two of them and caressed the boy's cheek. The boy eyes flashing curiousity and confuseness as what is Donghae going to do.

"Always smile like that you do earlier. Whenever I see you, you always cry. I want to see you smile more." Donghae said and pinched both of Hyukjae's cheeks.

"Ouch! It hurts! You're cruel" He said while caressing his both cheeks with pout in his lips. Donghae just chuckled.

"Your expression now much better than crying." Donghae teased and patted his head. "Promise me not to cry?" Donghae said and offered his pinky finger and Hyukjae hesitantly linked his pinky finger with the older.

"I'll.. Try hard?" He said and smile.

"Better." Donghae said and patted the boy's head again.

"bye." The boy said and turned his back.

"bye." Donghae replied. After the boy entered his house, he immediately head back home.

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