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Title: Precious
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Length: two-shots
Summary: Donghae have whatever in his life he's a successful , he just don't have one thing that he yearns for so much. He yearns to be in a relationship. He yearns to love and to be loved, and it seems he doesn't find someone in his entertainment industry, so he went back to his hometown to search for one innocent and cute boy.

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Donghae is a famous actor, he has anything that he want. A luxurious sport car, an expensive apartment, he has almost everything. But one thing that is missing. His heart is empty. There's no one fill it. He has a view friends and of course, he has best friends too. But he doesn't have a lover, and he yearns for it.

Lover is a hard thing. He could never thing of a lover when he works. Why? Because his schedule too crowded. When will he meet a lover? Of course there's many actress. But Donghae want the pure one, not in the celebrity circle. He want a commoner. A lot of demand, yeah he know. So to get a lover, he take a hiatus for approximately 6 months until 1 year. If he still didn't get it.. Retirement? He's sure he can support all his expenses.


Earlier Donghae was in the press, they went chaotic, the actor Lee Donghae take a long hiatus. Now he was at his apartment that he lived with his younger brother, packing his things.

"Hyung. Are you sure?" His brother asked him.

"Yeah Minnie, of course I am." Donghae said.

"Where are you going hyung?"

"Mokpo, live with mom, and maybe I will get a lover." Donghae said and grinned.

"I'll miss you hyung." Sungmin said.

"I know Minnie." Donghae said and hug his younger brother.

"Good luck with your studies okay?" Donghae patted his back.

"Yeah, stupid hyung, take the lover home as soon as possible okay?" Sungmin said and winked to Donghae. Donghae hit his head.

"First, I'm not stupid. Second, yeah, I will take my lover as soon as possible!" Donghae said and smile widely.


Donghae use a normal car instead of the sport one, he was also using a comfortable clothes, he didn't bother to use a casual clothes in his holiday, because he wanted to be a commoner that live in Mokpo with his mom.

Well, if you asked why his mom live in Mokpo, it's because he wanted to keep the memories of her and her husband in Mokpo, because her husband already die, and the thing that left for her was the house and the familiar surroundings in Mokpo.

Donghae was driving to Mokpo for a long time until he arrived. He gave out a sigh, it's been a long time he has a free time and visited his mom. His mom's the one who come and visits him.

He knocked the door house and his mom ran out the door and hug him.

"I hope I will found a lover soon." He said in his heart and hug his mother back.


Tags: fic : precious, genre: fluff, genre: romance, rating: pg 13

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