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Title: Fate
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 may increase later.
Length: Chaptered [5/?]
Warning(s): Heechul's being a girl (gender switch). many grammatical errors
Summary: What if.. There all arranged from the start?

Weeks passed by.. They are married, and it's not a big deal anymore. The headlines about their marriage has stop, and they are not consider a newlyweds anymore. But Hyukjae and Donghae still in the kingdom not going anywhere, by the way, 2 months after marriage's still consider new, and that somehow they manage to look close and inseparable, but not too extreme anymore.

College gonna start, Donghae will forget Hyukjae even more, and this thoughts make Hyukjae uneasy. You know it's easy to just reply "there's an assignment." When Donghae came home late. And people will trust him.

Hyukjae is still the same, wake up in the morning, making a special side dish, watch Donghae sleep for a while then wake Donghae up. Donghae being grumpy.. It's becoming a ritual now. He used to serve Donghae and Donghae just seems okay to receive his attention.

"Eunhyuk I need to go to the university." Donghae said out of sudden that morning after breakfast.

"When?" Hyukjae asked.

"Now. To buy some books and stuff." Donghae said while scratching his.         nape.

"You want me to join you?" Hyukjae asked cautiously.

"Of course Eunhyuk, why are you so dumb?" Donghae said. "But after that I'm gonna hang out." He continued.

"Then how about me?" Hyukjae asked.

"You.. Do whatever? Take a cab, call our driver, you can do whatever you want." Donghae said calmly. Hyukjae sigh, Donghae isn't care about him and probably will never care. No, not probably, it's obviously.

"I'll prepared a hot bath for you." Hyukjae said and vanished to the bathroom door. Ah.. He hope for a great marriage. Reality.. Harsh.


Hyukjae eyed the university in awe. He wants to get some education like Donghae too. But he know he shouldn't. He know that he can profit his own university's expense, the kingdom give him a tons of money just for a month. And he never use too much money, he save it.

"Why you eyeing the university like that?" Donghae asked Hyukjae while linking his hand to the other.

"It's cool." Hyukjae said and gave Donghae his gummy smile.

"Ck, what's so cool about it. Just enroll." Donghae said and roll his eyes.

"No, you know I shouldn't Donghae. You know what's my job." Hyukjae said sadly.

"Mm.. Nerd." Donghae said and Hyukjae just smile, at least Donghae talked with him, not to mention he say something unimportant also not insulting, and he was the one who's initiate it. They went to the administration, and buy some books.

"Call Sooyoung, tell her to tell the driver you need your car." Donghae said in the middle of buying the books. But Hyukjae didn't hear it, he saw the thick books being packed and stared hollowly.

"Eunhyuk." Donghae pat his head lovingly.

"Yeah?" Hyukjae eyeing him with a hollow stares.

"I said call Sooyoung, tell her you need someone to bring your car." Donghae said.

"Oh, yeah." Hyukjae nod and still seeing those books. Donghae eyeing him and pitied Hyukjae, Hyukjae seems like he really want to study.

"Eunhyuk, do you really want to study?" Donghae asked him confusely. Hyukjae just giggled.

"No?" He smile playfully.

"You should ask Umma."

"No, it's a tradition anyway. It's okay." Hyukjae said, he thought maybe Donghae was soften a bit. He do asked Hyukjae if he really want to study. It makes Hyukjae smile.

"Stupid." Donghae said and smile. Of course he wanted to roll his eyes, but it's in public, he can't do it. He must act lovingly. But the fact that he asked Hyukjae if he want to study, he didn't know why it slipped from his lips. Usually, they pretended to whisper lovingly, but the truth is Donghae insulted Hyukjae. But now he even asked Hyukjae, like show his thoughts to the other. Even Donghae thought he is strange, but he thinks maybe because of the marriage, he can ignore Hyukjae, he can gave the other a cold shoulder, but sometimes maybe it's normal to asked some question.

"Donghae, my car has arrived." Hyukjae smile.

"Oh, good then, where?" Donghae asked him.

"Basement. I'm off." Hyukjae smiled and wave his hand. Then Donghae turned his shoulder and go toward his car. He felt freedom. He is going to go to his friend's house that he recently hasn't seen.


Hyukjae was lying, he's not phoning Sooyoung yet, he just didn't want Donghae wait for the chauffeur for too long because he know Donghae really want to go. Besides, if he phoned the chaffeur to get his car, it's mean the chauffeur will go back with no transportation. And he didn't want it. He will feel guilty afterwards.

He walked with no certain place to go to and he remembered Sungmin.. Maybe try to contact Sungmin and Teukkie hyung? He then smile and phoned Sungmin. And the older said it's okay to go to his house, so he stop a cab and go to his house.


"Hyuk! You came!" Sungmin open his door house and hug his friend.

"Ahh I miss you min." Hyukjae replied Min's hug.

"Come in!! Aahh. Let's call that old friend!" Sungmin said and Hyukjae chuckle, Leeteuk isn't that old. But because he's the oldest, they both call him the old friend or old hyung.

"Ah, aunty." Hyukjae greet Sungmin's mother.

"Oh, yeah, Eunhyuk-ah. Welcome." She said and Hyuk bow a bit.

"Ah. You're so cute yet polite. No wonder you are the kingdom's precious person." She smile sweetly and Hyukjae smile back. He's kingdom's precious person, but not Donghae precious person.

"Ah enough mom! I'll be in my room" Sungmin said and dragged Hyukjae with such a fast motion and close the door.

"Mm.. You know.. That.." Sungmin seems so awkward and scratched his nape.

"I know. It's okay." Hyukjae said and plopped himself in his friend's bed. He know that Sungmin felt awkward because his mom mention of Donghae, therefore Hyukjae said it's okay.

"Ahh bed." Hyukjae said and rolls in Sungmin's bed. Sungmin eyed Hyukjae strangely.

"Hyukjae.. Why are you?" Sungmin asked and sat in the edge of the bed.

"The bed so comfortable." Hyukjae smiled widely and still rolling in the bed.

"You seems like a person with no bed for his entire life." Sungmin said and Hyukjae sat right away. He's losing himself earlier, he doesn't want Sungmin know about Donghae, he will surely explode.

"You.. You are exagerrating min." Hyukjae said awkwardly.

"No I'm not. You seems like one." Sungmin stares at Hyukjae deeply.

"Don't give me those stares Min, I hate it." Hyukjae said.

"What did Donghae do?" Sungmin asked him. Hyukjae startled and widened his eyes.

"Donghae didn't do anything. Let's talk about another thing." Hyukjar said and nervously chuckled. Sungmin caught his shoulder, stare at him deeplyan make Hyukjae scared.

"Hey you.. You scare me, Sungmin." Hyukjae shrugged Sungmin's hands. But it won't budge from his shoulder.

"Tell. Me."

"Okay, stop seeing at me like that. Don't place your hand like that." Hyukjae said and Sungmin complied.


"He slept in the bed.. I.. Kinda sleep in the couch." Hyukjae said while playing his nails. "Please don't be angry! It's enough for me. I wanna have fun today, also together with that old hyung." Hyukjae said with pleading eyes to Sungmin. Sungmin gave out a deep sighed, Hyukjae looks so pathetic. He's always been in his and Leeteuk's eyes since the day they know the story of Hyukjae's life. And they have been hating Donghae since then. It's too much. Donghae's too much for the soft-hearted Hyukjae.

"Hyukjae.. You should never agreed to marry him. At least try to rebell. And now I think you should tell the Queen." Sungmin said.

" No, it's okay if I am the one who knows. I love him Min. Someday, he's gonna change." Hyukjae said and smile. Sungmin felt like to slap Hyukjae, wake him up from his little fantasy world, but it's no use, Hyukjae is naïve.

"Hyukkie he's not-" Sungmin said and Hyukjae palmed Sungmin's lips.

"He's going to change."

"Hyukjae." Sungmin said out of frustation.

"Stop Min, stop." Hyukjae said and covered his ears.

"Okay whatever. Let's talk about the other thing." Sungmin said and Hyukjae smile. They talk for awhile till their old hyung came and chatted together, laugh happily and all.

"Oh btw Hyukkie, how's Donghae?" Leeteuk asked and the room fell silent.

"Ah.. Hyung.. That's fine." Hyukjae forced out a smile, Sungmin can't stand it and explodes.

"As if mistreat you means fine, as if the fact you slept on the couch is fine. It's not fine." Sungmin glare. Leeteuk sense it and asked.

"What? Couch? Hyukjae you sleep in the couch?" Leeteuk asked and Hyukjae nod.

"Stop it Min, I said it's okay, it seems fine, Donghae will change someday." Hyukjae said and Sungmin rolled his eyes.

"Stop it Sungmin." Leeteuk said. "Hyukjae, you know you got us by your side right? I know it's your life, your choice.. But we will back you up." Leeteuk continue. Hyukjae seems calmer and stared hollowly.

"Any other mistreat?" Leeteuk asked Hyukjae softly and patt his shoulder.

"Nothing. Mm.. But I think I'm a pretty good wife. I play my role well." Hyukjae let out a smile.

"For example?" Leeteuk asked him.

"Mm.. I make side dish every morning for completed his breakfast menu, I prepare his bath, and I do whatever he told me." Hyukjae said.

"He's not worth it Hyuk." Sungmin said.

"He is my husband, lee sungmin." Hyukjae said sternly.

"Okay, okay, Hyukjae, we are in your back, we just don't want you to get hurt. Forgive us." Leeteuk said while patting Hyukjae's shoulder.

"Yeah I know. I love him too much Hyung." Hyukjae said sorrowly.

"Mm.. Do you go to university? I mean enroll?" Sungmin asked him.

"No, not enrolling. Tradition." Hyukjae said and smile.

"You know you cam break it, just ask the Queen." Leeteuk suggest.

"I can't hyung, it's okay.. And by the way hyung, you take law right?" Hyukjae asked Leeteuk.

"Yeah. Why?" Leeteuk asked.

"You know hyung, I want to assist Donghae even in his worst condition, I want to be intelligent enough to help him." Hyukjae said cheerfully.

"Seriously Hyukkie, now you want to study for his sake?" Sungmin asked. Hyukjae nod innocently and Sungmin gelt his head gonna explode, and he shook his head in frustration.

"I mean, he is a prince, he must be the best. It's frustrating. I want to help him in his assignment and stuff." Hyukjae explained.

"Okay then. I'll give you my old notebook for you to learn. And see Donghae's book, it's gotta be the same with me though, we are in the same university. Read the book, and asked me something you don't understand." Leeteuk said. And Hyukjae become so happy, he hugged his old hyung.


Donghae was walking into his room, found Hyukjae in the couch with his laptop.

"Donghae.. Where's your book?" Hyukjae asked.

"Minho (Donghae's butler) was taking it. Why?"

"Can I see it?" Hyukjae asked.

"What for? Eunhyuk stop and demand umma to go to university." Donghae said. Honestly he felt tired. And he doesn't want Hyukjae to make a scene because he is too tired.

"Please? I want to learn a bit to assist you." Hyukjae asked with such a demanding tone. Donghae immediately look up on Hyukjae with widened his eyes.

"Assist me? I don't need your help. Besides I know it's only you being pokerface just for be able to study. Well.. Do anything you want." Donghae told Hyukjae and Hyukjae nod. In his heart, there's a slight hurt, he want to study, but if he's not gonna enroll to university, he doesn't want to study more.. And now he really wanna help Donghae sincerely.. Can't Donghae see it? But Hyukjae just smile and shrugged it away.

"Thank you Donghae."

"Whatever." Donghae said.

"I'll prepare your bath." Hyukjae said cheerfully. After he prepared the bath, he took the book from Minho who delivered it and read it. He also didn't forget to tell Leeteuk the name of the books.

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  • Fate 7

    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

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