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life is not a one-shot.

Title: life is not a one-shot (sequel of Regret,)
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Author: nithanchovy
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst/slight!Fluff
Length: oneshot
Word counts : 1.950 (short ikr? T__T ) 

Summary: Hyukjae wasn't cheating anymore, but this time, it seems that Donghae the one who cheats, and Hyukjae couldn't do anything because he know he's the one at fault.


6 months after their fight was extremely good. Hyukjae gave his whole heart to Donghae, and Donghae accepted it in pleasure.

Although Hyukjae often say that he's sorry, Donghae will hug him and tell him it's okay, and that they should forget the past. Hyukjae felt really guilty afterwards, but there's nothing he can do, he's at fault.

But as we know, life is not a one-shot. Donghae started to ignore him since last month, and Hyukjae couldn't say anything, he's at fault.

Like today, Donghae was home late, near midnight, and Hyukjae hasn't eat any dinner, he was waiting for Donghae. When Donghae opened the door. Hyukjae smile at him widely, get Donghae's briefcast in his hand and hug Donghae. But Donghae didn't respond to his hug, he just patted his wife's back. Then Hyukjae pulled himself and pecked his husband's lips, and his husband only smile. The smile is more like a bored smile, like he forced himself to smile. But Hyukjae shrugged it off.

"Donghae.. Wanna eat? Your favorites." Hyukjae wink and peck Donghae's cheek.

"I'm sorry I have already eaten my dinner." Donghae said apologetically.

"Oh, okay then." Hyukjae forced his smile. Donghae sensed it.

"Wrapped it and put on the refridgerator. I'll eat tomorrow morning." Donghae said, and Hyukjae smile.

"I'm going to take a bath." Donghae said going to the bathroom.

When Donghae left, Hyukjae sighed, he sat in the dining room, eyeing his food pathetically and forced himself to eat a little even he didn't have the appetite to, and wrapped the rest. When he's done with his job, he went to his bedroom, and saw Donghae already curling in their bed with his pajamas, Hyukjae changed to his pajamas and slide down beside Donghae.

He eyed Donghae lovingly and combed his bangs with his fingers. He felt he's in a difficult situation, if he didn't cheat, Donghae won't do this. This is his fault. Donghae suddenly get Hyukjae's wrist and shot his eyes open. Made Hyukjae gasped.

"Sleep, hyukkie." He said in tired voice, smiled and pecked his wife's hand. Hyukjae just sighed.

"Yeah, goodnight Hae. I love you." Hyukjae said and Donghae just nod.

'How cold he could be? He never said he loved me too this past month.' Hyukjae thought and sleep consume him.


The next morning Donghae woke up, Hyukjae already prepared all of the food. Donghae pecked him on the lips and went to eat.

"Hae you will eat dinner home right today? It has been a long time." Hyukjae said and pout. Donghae chuckled.

"I don't know. Let's just see." Donghae said. Hyukjae's mood fell.

"You meanie!" Hyukjae sulked and Donghae ruffled Hyukjae's hair.

"You are so busy lately." Hyukjae said.

"Yeah, I'm so busy. Business getting hard these days." Donghae said and Hyukjae just nod. Then after a while Donghae left Hyukjae for work. Hyukjae couldn't help but feel lost again. Donghae's beside him all those while. But he still feel that Donghae's not present. It's empty. Hyukjae's tired, it's been like this the whole month, it's most likely Donghae has someone other than him. Hyukjae called Choco his dog, and his dog accompany him the whole day.


Hyukjae got a message from Donghae that evening, Hyukjae was so happy that his phone beeps. But it's vanished when he opened it.

From: Hae

Hyukkie no need to cook dinner. I eat outside. Sorry.

Hyukjae eyeing his phone hollowly. There's no more sweet message from Donghae, and it's only a cold message that told him he won't eat dinner. He threw his phone on the bed and he get out to make ramyun, he only eats alone, no need to have something healthy. He eyed his dog sadly.
"Choco, appa didn't come home again." He said and caressed the dog's fur.

It's near midnight when Hyukjae saw Donghae came home. He still hug his husband, but his husband like the other day, just forced a smile.


Days goes by, Hyukjae was near his peak when one night, Donghae came home with the smell of girl's parfume, Hyukjae frowned when he hugged him.

"Donghae, what did you do to make you come late?" Hyukjae stared at him intendly.

"Meetings." Donghae said with a tired smile.

"Meetings? With girl?" Hyukjae asked sarcastically.

"What's wrong with you Hyukkie?" Donghae said and turned to go to bath. Hyukjae just stood there dumbfounded. His loyal husband, cheats.


It was Sunday morning, but Hyukjae was awake by an alarm clock, he groaned and stopped the alarm, continue to sleep.

After some minutes, he felt Donghae sat from his bed all of sudden, made him woke up.

"What hubby? It's Sunday." He said and hug his husband's waist.

"Hyukjae! I have meetings! You stopped my alarm clock?" Donghae asked panicly. Hyukjae lifted himself up with his elbow to made him sit.

"Yeah, I dismissed it." Hyukjae said innocently. Donghae rosed up from his bed and took a bath while Hyukjae still lazily rolled in the big bed right and left, slightly feeling annoyed. Donghae out from the bathroom.

"What a meeting on SUNDAY." Hyukjae said loudly and Donghae shrugged his shoulder.

"A foreigner demanded so." Donghae said and Hyukjae pissed, he woke up and stormed to Donghae.

"You lied." He said, folded his hands.

"No I don't." Donghae said to Hyukjae.

"Whatever." Hyukjae said and cover his face with the blanket.

"Hyukkie you sulked again." Donghae said, but he didn't get near Hyukjae, he only said, and Hyukjae hurt because of that. Hyukjae wait some more time but Donghae didn't come near him, instead he heard Donghae was out from his house.

"Stupid fish!" Hyukjae cursed and cry, it's been too painfull, endure all the pain and it's just.. Burst. But Hyukjae wiped his tears, he came down from his bed and searched of his dog, cuddled with her in the bedand forced himself to sleep some more.


When Hyukjae opened his eyes, Donghae was beside him, laying in the bed with his laptop and Choco his dog laying between the,, when Hyukjae glanced at it, he knows that it's statistic. He snuggle to Donghae and rest his head on his arm while caressing Choco's fur.

"Oh awake?" Donghae asked.

"Yeah. Awake." Hyukjae said.

"How's the meeting?" Hyukjae asked sarcastically.

"Fine. And Hyukkie, don't rest in my arm, heavy." He said and Hyukjae moved his head slightly. He bit his lips, feeling annoyed, he lifted his dog and put him on the floor, the dog barks and left them.

"Donghae, let's talk."

"What? I have reports." Donghae said.

"Lee Donghae, I need a few of your time." Hyukjae said sternly, he sat up and slammed Donghae's laptop closed.

"What?" Donghae glared at him.

"You glare at me? I'm the one who supposed to glare at you!" Hyukjae yell.

"What's wrong with you Hyukjae??" Donghae asked impatiently.

"You don't love me anymore! I hate you." Hyukjae said. Donghae felt his head aching, like something bursted in his head.

"Whatever Hyukjae, you are spoiled! I love you even you freakin' CHEATS!" Donghae yell and glare at him.

"Can you stop saying I'm cheating?" Hyukjae asked.

"No, in fact you cheats!" Donghae yell at him.

"I cheated, but I changed okay?! Then this past month you don't love me anymore! I've been shutting up because I feel I'm at fault in the first place. But enough Donghae, if you didn't forgive me..." Hyukjae paused and his tears started to fall.

"Divorce me." Hyukjae said loud enough for Donghae to hear. Doghae scoffed.

"You just said that I don't love you anymore, and demand to divorce, for coming back to that kim kibum?? How cheap." He said and left their bed with his laptop, walked away. Hyukjae gasped and widened his eyes, it's cruel. It's too cruel for him.

"I hate you!! You cheats and you said I'm the one who's cheap!! You even went home with a cheap female perfume in your suit! So who's CHEAP?" Hyukjae yell in trembling voice. Donghae turned, and walk towards their bed. He slammed his laptop on the bed.

"You want to divorce so bad that you said I'm a cheater?!" Donghae yelled, he fist his hand till his knuckles turned white and Hyukjae started to feel scared.

"I hate you." Hyukjae said in a low voice. "I hate you! I hate you! You cheats and you didn't admit it! I hate you!" Hyukjae yell and cry loudly. Donghae look pissed.

"Because I didn't! Don't worry, if it's makes you happy, let's divorce!" Hyukjae palmed his face and cry more.

"I love you, and I don't wanna lost you." Hyukjae tried hard to talk while he sobbing hard.

"Shut those bullshit Lee Hyukjae." Donghae said mockingly and turned to leave Hyukjae, Hyukjae caught his wrist.

"Aren't you too harsh on me Donghae-ssi?" He asked. "You are the one who always come back home late this month, you are the one who never reply my hugs and kisses this month, you are the one who never eat at home this month, you are the one who never wait for me when you sleep. You who don't do me in a month, It's you." Hyukjae said, eyeing Donghae right in his eyes. Donghae felt hurt in his heart, and he understand all the misunderstanding now. He went to the bed and hugged Hyukjae but Hyukjae slapped his hands.

"Enough, don't pity me because I cry, you will have more freedom if we divorce. Let's-" Hyukjae's word was undone, Donghae cupped Hyukjae's face and kiss him hard.

"I'm sorry. My office get a huge project, and I'm getting tired because of the overwork hours. I don't cheat." Donghae said.

"But that perfume?" Hyukjae glared at his husband.

"That perfume? I don't know, in one meeting, there's a girl who used a lot of perfume, maybe because of her, my nose's hurt too." Donghae explained.

"And today?"

"I really have meeting Hyukkie." Donghae said and wiped his wife's tears.

"I hate you!!" Hyukjae yelled.

"Yes I'm sorry."

"You even called me cheap!" Hyukjae gave out a frustrated yell.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to hurt you." Donghae said and hug his wife.

"I hate you." He said and punched his husband.

"Ouch that hurts."

"I don't care!" Hyukjae said and still punching his husband's chest.

"Hyukkie I'm sorry." Donghae said while tightened his hugged to his wife. "I'm so tired that I

don't have the mood to be so lovey-dovey to you." Donghae said.

"You even said that I cheated no matter what. I already stops." Hyukjae said and cry more.

"Yeah I know I'm sorry I'm so angry earlier. I'm sorry." Donghae caressed Hyukjae's back.

"I hate you." Hyukjae said.

"No, you love me, you are jealous, if not, you won't cry so helplessly." Donghae teased and Hyukjae pinched his stomach hard.

"Auch, it's hurt!" Donghae whined.

"I know." Hyukjae said and pout.

"Hyukjae. So you long for my hug and kisses?" Donghae teased.

"Shut up." Hyukjae snapped, Donghae chuckled. "Hey monkey I'm sorry okay." Donghae said and leaned down to kiss him. Then he pushed Hyukjae till he fall in his back. He leaned down and captured his wife's mouth again.

"Stop. I'm not that cheap." Hyukjae said and groaned.

"Yes you are not. You aren't cheap." Donghae leaned and kissed his neck. Hyukjae bit his lips.

"You mention earlier that I didn't do you in a month. It's mean that you long for this right? Don't hold back." Donghae wink and kissed his wife's lips again. That night filled with pants and moans from their mouth.

That's the form of Donghae's apology, that Hyukjae happily accept it.

short I know. LOL but I really love this plot.
I think I might even make the second sequel if you guys want it.
the second will be bad!hyuk again I think LOL XD
but It's all if you guys want.

please DO COMMENT. thanks :)

Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, fic: life is not a one-shot, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: romance, genre: slight!fluff, haehyuk, rating: pg-13

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    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

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