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fate 3

Title: Fate
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 may increase later.
Length: Chaptered [3/?]
Warning(s): Heechul's being a girl (gender switch). many grammatical errors!
Summary:  What if.. There all arranged from the start?

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Hyukjae woke up, he felt extremely cold and hug himself, then he felt his back ache. Well, who won't feel cold when they slept right in front of the air conditioning? Not to mention only with a thin clothe that you can't call a proper blanket? Then he rub his eyes, his face was extremely cold, like an ice cube, so cold, and he rubbed his face with his hand. And who won't get a back ache when they sleep in a small and hard couch? But Hyukjae forced himself to smile, hope that today will be a good day. And because they are husband and wife now, Hyukjae hope that Donghae will fall for him slowly. No, even he no need to fall for him, he only wish Donghae will soften a bit.

He stood up and went to his husband's sleeping body, he saw his husband still asleep and he smile, Donghae look so cute that way. He look way too innocent, like he could't able to yell, cursed, and snap with that soft face. Hyukjae sighed, went to took a few clothes and took a bath.

When he finished bathing, he saw Donghae still sleeping, and he decided to went out, maybe to cooked him some food? He must try, so Donghae will see his effort and hopefully he'll soften a bit.

He went out and towards the kitchen, all the maid bow to him and he just smile happily. That's Hyukjae, always smile despite everything going against his way, he will just smile whole-heartedly. The maids bow to him when he arrived at the kitchen and he said that he want to use a little of the kitchen and tell them nott to bother him. He cook chicken soup for Donghae while humming a song. Maids started coming to the kitchen, get their breakfast and helped the cook to deliver the food to the king and queen. They always have breakfast separately, because Heechul want it that way, quality time she said, but they always have lunch and dinner together.

Suddenly, Hyukjae remembered that he didn't know what's the headline of the newspaper that day and decided to asked the maid.

"Sunny, do you know what's the headline of today's newspaper?" He asked.

"N..no." Sunny said and hurriedly dashed out the kitchen. Why is she stammering? It's weird, he thought. Then he asked another maid and their answer always they didn't know and it's impossible!

Hyukjae sighed and got the chicken soup on a bowl and put up in a tray. And a maid carried the tray.

"Delivered to the room young mistress?" And hyukjae blushed at the way she called. They used to just call him 'Eunhyuk' now it's young mistress. Hyukjae nod and say thank you.

"Delivered it with the breakfast please." Hyukjae said and the maid get two bowl of porridge, with another maid to carry the meals to Hyukjae's room.

"By the way Seungyeon. Can you please delivered a newspaper to me after you get the soup?

"O..o.oh, n.neh." The maid, seungyeon said while stuttering. Why are they? Hyukjae thought. But Hyukjae shrugged it off, until he reached his room and they put the trays on the table.

Hyukjae was fighting in his heart whether to wake his husband or not, and what will he say? 'Donghae, I have just cook for you?' Hyukjae shook his head vigorously. 'No, no, that won't do.' He thought in his mind.

A knock took him away from his little thoughts.

"Young mistress the newspaper." One of the maid said and Hyukjae's cheek blushed.

"Can you just call me Eunhyuk?" He asked.

"I'm sorry Young Mistress, regulation." She said sweetly and walked away. Hyukjae grunt mentally, he's not even a girl but called young mistress. He sigh and saw the newspaper. Well, the headline made him gasped. You know what?

"The royal wedding with a candle fire off?"

Yeah, he know the candle off for a good seconds yesterday, inviting a loud murmur and stuff. But.. Yeah he decided to shrugged it off and forget it, because of his naiveness, still thinking that's his wedding day and he should just remember the good parts, and he remember the moments when the light's off. How come people didn't care about it? A candle was off in a wedding means a disaster, even if it's up again, but still, it's a disaster. And it's on the whole newspaper! Hyukjae shook his head vigorously and fold the newspaper quickly, Donghae couldn't catch him seeing the newspaper, he will insult him more. Then Hyukjae got closer to Donghae, wanna wake him up, even he's scared, but he can't wait longer, the porridge and soup will be cold.

"D..d..donghae." He called softly and poke his arm.

"Mmm" Donghae grunted.

"D..Donghae.. The breakfast ready." Hyukjae said.

"Errggh, shut up."

"Donghae.." Hyukjae lowered his body and got a courage to shook Donghae's body. Donghae frowned and slowly get his eyes wide opened. Hyukjae saw his eyes and startled.

"B.B..breakfast ready." He said and Donghae just eyeing him. Hyukjae go to the tray, turned it to be a table and make it stand in Donghae's bed. Donghae still eyeing him intendly.

"You are interefering my sleep." Donghae said, Hyukjae's hands clasped together, and he lowered his head.

"I'm sorry." Hyukjae said and left him, take his own tray and eat it in the couch. Donghae start to eat, he taste the soup and porridge, it's fine with him. But when he eyed Hyukjae's tray, there's no soup in there. He frowned.

"Hey, why don't you got the soup? Our maid messed up the orders?" Donghae asked and Hyukjae shook his head.

"No, I make that soup just for you, so only you who got it." Hyukjae said and smile, Donghae eyed him confusely but still eating the food, Hyukjae mentally sigh, at least Donghae eats his food. Then after they are eating the food, Hyukjae get the tray from Donghae and get his tray to get it back to the kitchen, and Donghae start to take a bath.

When Hyukjae was back to the room, he saw that Donghae play with his laptop.

"Eunhyuk, get me newspaper." He said and Hyukjae gulped an imaginer lump in his throat.

"N..Newspaper?" Hyukjae asked back.

"I believe you are not deaf." Donghae said, rolling his eyes. Hyukjae felt scared, he knows the insult will come next. He took the newspaper and gave it to Donghae. He then took his own laptop, pretending that he played it. Then he heard Donghae scoffed, Hyukjae heartbear rose.

"A royal wedding with a candle fire off? Yeah of course a badluck. Ck." He said while shaking his head. Hyukjae could just peeked seeying Donghae who's pissed.

"How can it be a good luck marrying him?" He said and lowly chuckle, Hyukjae just saw his laptop screen, there's nothing caught his eye though, his mind's blurry. He can't understand.

Donghae hate him that much. Seriously.. That much. He sigh.


It's lunch time. Finally, Hyukje could get out from the room. Earlier when he want to go out, Donghae stop him.

"You stupid, we are newlyweds, we don't go out much. Pretend we don't wanna lose each other." Donghae glared at him. So he couldn't avoid Donghae much. And it's tiring, being in the same room with Donghae with no room to move, just there, in the couch, stay still. And when several maids summoned us to go for lunch, Donghae refused to go right away too. He said that we must be late.

Now finally he can release his boredom. They are out of the room, with Donghae's big hand in his waist. He looked down, he's embarassed, even it's just an act and he know he mustn't take it seriously, but with the maid giggling in the halls.. He just blushed, and somehow that big hand made him comfortable. They arrived at the dining room.

"Mm.. Newlyweds." Hankyung said in a low voice and Heechul laugh.

"Let them off Hannie, they're having fun." She said teasingly and Hyukjae's face flushed while Donghae just have the fishy grin in his face.

"I'm sorry." Hyukjae said.

"Nah, it's okay." Heechul said and they seat, eating together.

"Oh, and by the way, don't mind too much about the newspaper. The light's on in the end." She said again and Hyukjae nods. Felt a bit guilty for an unreasonable thing.

"Yeah, Hyukjae and I will have a good marriage." Donghae said sweetly and smile. Hyukjae smile again, 'as is you really cared Donghae.' He thought bitterly.

There's silence, they are enjoying their lunch, but suddenly Hankyung said something.

"Donghae, I know you are having a college preparation, but don't you think you must have at least a one or two days of honeymoon?" He asked and Donghae cough in shock.

"Mm.. Appa, Donghae's really really busy, it's okay if we didn't have honeymoon." Hyukjae said and smile widely.

"No, it's not okay, wedding's just once, and you must have honeymoon." Heechul persuade them.

"Mm, one or two days are okay I think." Donghae said and Hyukjae's eyes widened in shock, then he get a hold of himself when Donghae glared at him.

"No, I mean, umma, Donghae is busy. The nation get a high expectation of him." Hyukjae said.

"No, you will go honeymoon. Donghae said so." She said and Hyukjae felt uncomfortable but just nod.

"Just go to somewhere near, just visit our property in Mokpo?" Hankyung asked them and Donghae nod.

"Okay, we will go right away." Donghae said. Hyukjae just swallow his food. His food felt plain all of sudden. What? Taking him to the new surrounding? And bored to death?

After they finished their food, they went to their room and packed.

"Don't bring too much clothes, we just go to Mokpo." Donghae said and he just nod.

"Can I.."


"Pack your clothes Donghae?" He asked, after all he wants to take care of Donghae. Donghae is his husband.

"Yeah, pack my clothes." He said and left Hyukjae. Hyukjae sighed and pack his clothes, after that, he went to the right side of the wardrobe - Donghae's wardrobe- and take a few of clothes, his hands trembling, he never get to touch his husband's things, so it feel weird in his hand. But he know Donghae's favorite clothes and stuff because he notice the other so much, so he packed easily.


The drive was silent. Hyukjae just saw random spot in the car windows and Donghae just drive silently. Hyukjae sometimes glance at Donghae, Donghae was handsome, the moment when he glance at the back mirror, or side mirror, he's handsome, and sometimes that frown in his forehead just mesmerized him. They decided they didn't need a driver, it's hard to act all the time. They're in the car quiet a long time and Hyukjae felt hungry. He didn't have any appetite when they eat lunch because the honeymoon plan. And he's scared to tell Donghae that he was hungry. But when he endure his hunger, it's on the peak, with the long travelled and a not so good road, he need food. So he eyed Donghae for quiet a long time.

"What Hyukjae?" Donghae asked.

"I.. I need food." Hyukjae said in a low voice.

"We just have lunch."

"I didn't finish my food."


"Didn't have enough appetite."

"Ck, such a burden." Donghae said and stop the car, fortunately there are a small restaurant along the roads.

"What do you want to eat?" Donghae asked him.

"Whatever you want." Hyukjae said and smile. Sometimes like this is enough for Hyukjae, when Donghae comply his little wish, when Donghae didn't yell, when Donghae asked his opinions, it's enough. Even Donghae still insult him, it's enough.

They stepped out and Donghae get him on the waist again, make him lowered his head. The restaurant wasn't too crowded. And they ordered the food, well exactly only Hyukjae who ordered it because Donghae eat already. When the food's ready, Donghae stare at Hyukjae lovingly, it's public, they must act. But it's embarrassing, Donghae's eyeing Hyukjae intendly while he was eating. After Hyukjae finished eating, Donghae's paying the food and continue driving while Hyukjae still blushed and bit his lips.

"Can you stop blushing? It's bothering me." Donghae said coldly. And Hyukjae bit his lips more hard.

"Sorry, it's embarrassing the way you watch me eat." Hyukjae said and Donghae just groaned.


Hyukjae and Donghae were arrived at the property. And Hyukjae's eyes went wide. It's so beautiful! And it's as big as the kingdom. But then Donghae slipped his hand in Hyukjae's waist and whisper.

"Shut your mouth, you look stupid."

And Hyukjae just nod in embarrassment. Then he saw maids greet them and then they accompany them to see around the house.

They look around that house and Hyukjae really love that house, there's a big beautiful park, there's pool filled with hot water, there's many really many beautiful things, butterfly everywhere, and the air so refreshing unlike Seoul. Hyukjae can't hold himself and asked.

"Donghae.. Will you let me to go to that hot water pool?" Hyukjae asked while walking.

"Yeah, maybe for a while, we need release stress from driving too far." Donghae said and Hyukjae smile widely.

"We?" Hyukjae asked dumbfounded.

"We must act, Eunhyuk." He leaned to Hyukjae whispered with Hyukjae's kingdom name, made Hyukjae realize that all of it just act. And maybe the reason that Donghae complied was because he was asking in front of the maids. They then go back to the private pool and the maids left them.

Donghae stripped his clothe and trouser, left him with boxer and Hyukjae blushed. He seriously never saw Donghae topless. Pathetic, he know.

"Are you going in or not, Eunhyuk?" He asked and Hyukjae stripped his clothe and trousers too, slightly feeling embarrassed. Then Donghae cuddled Hyukjae and whisper.

"Don't you dare asking something in front of the maids again." He said and Hyukjae just nod while biting his lips. Then Donghae inching himself from Hyukjae and calming himself with the hot water and Hyukjae do the same.


The night comes, they are just spending the time like that, and for Hyukjae, this is not a honeymoon, only another act. When he saw the room, he frowned that there's no couch in that room.

"D..Donghae, where will I sleep?" Hyukjae asked him.

"Not in bed." Donghae said.

"There's no couch." Hyukjae mumbled, Donghae sighed and went out of the room, then Hyukjae saw Donghae got a thick blanket, very thick one. He spread it on the floor and point it with his hand.

"Sleep. Here." Donghae said and Hyukjae nod.

"Thank you."

"Yeah, whatever." Donghae said and went to the big bed and sleep.

It's midnight already, but Hyukjae haven't sleep, the floor still too hard for him to bear. And when he opened his eyes, there's cockroach in front of his face, his eyes widened and he jumped from his sleep. He bit his hand, prevent him from screaming, and he unconciously tearing. He hates insect, he seriously do, especially cockroach, cockroach looked evilish and he didn't like that.

Donghae moved from his sleep, clearly pissed off because he heard a prevented sob. He glare his eyes opened and saw crying Hyukjae in front of him, biting his own palm. Donghae shrugged off and tried to sleep.

"D..Donghae.. Donghae.. Please.. Please let me sleep in the bed. There's cockroach." Hyukjae said, moving Donghae's body and Donghae saw Hyukjae's face, he looks pitiful.

"Mm." Donghae simply reply and Hyukjae smile in his cry.

"T..thanks." Hyukjae said between his sobs.

"Stay far away from me."

"Y..yes." Hyukjae said.

He laid in the bed and eyeing the ceiling, so this is his honeymoon, take a boring ride, get to see something beautiful - the house- take a warm bath in the pool far away with Donghae, who was forced and was unhappy, and crying over a cockroach when slept in the floor and moved to the bed, sleeping in the same bed but far away from Donghae.


Sorry boring chap I know~
this is just kind of bridge to the real thing .__. and my stupid mind stuck.
thanks for reading
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  • Fate 7

    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

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