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Living in boundaries

Title: Living in Boundaries
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Author: nithanchovy
Rating: R ( it's below NC-17 and higher than PG-13)
Genre: Romance/Drama/!Angst//slight!Fluff
Length: oneshot
Word counts : 4,745
Warning : mention of sex and near from rape.

Summary:  After his mom die, Hyukjae must struggle to support his and his brother's expenses. And he also let go of his happiness because of it.

"Here is some money." A person hand Hyukjae an envelope. Hyukjae eyed the envelope and opened it, get out the money and counted it fastly.

"Mm.. Can't you give me a little bit more?" Hyukjae asked with a pleading eyes.

"Hyukjae, you seriously begs for more?" The person gave him a smug smile and Hyukjae looked down to his hands, feelings embarrassed.

"J..just a little bit?" Hyukjae said playfully, swallowed his dignity, well, if he has dignity left. And the other throw him some money harshly.

"That. And remember! Hyosung, Insun, Inhan, Hyerim." The person said. And Hyukjae just nod, and smile smugly.

"You know you can left it to me." He said. And left.


Do you, by any chance wondering what's Hyukjae's work? It's pretty disgusting, even for himself, he know it's disgusting.

Hyukjae came to the teacher's office room and called Mr. Park. They then go to the university's clinic.

"Mr. Park, you know what's my purpose here right?" Hyukjae winked his big doe eye to the other and give him a light touch in the laps.

"Who?" Mr park asked. Hyukjae leans closer to Mr. Park's ear, "Hyerim" He whispered huskily, leans and smooch his ear. Then he grab the teacher's tie, "Insun." He said while carressed the teacher's cheek. "Hyosung" he said as he trails in the teacher's lips. "And Inhan." He said and sat in the other laps. The teacher leaned and closed the gap between them. They kissed. Then Hyukjae pushed the teacher slightly.

"Get them a good score. Okay?" He asked and hug the teacher's body.

"Hmm. Okay. Let me play." Mr. Park said. Hyukjae hate this time very much, he feels like he really is dirty Mr. Park unbuttoned Hyukjae’s shirt and threw it somewhere in the room. Mr Park started to sneaked his hand in Hyukjae's slim waist and kissed him again, then he searched for the nipples and pinched it hardly. Being like this for a while, Hyukjae has already learned their liking, like mr.Park, he likes it when Hyukjae being submissive and didn't let any noise from his mouth. So Hyukjae bit his lips when Mr. Park played with his body. And when Mr Park wanna unzip his pants, he know it's the limit so he stop it, smile at the other and kissed the teacher's lips, wears his shirt and went out the room.

That's his work. He's not somebody who was given a good fortune for his life, so he must earn it himself, and also somebody who was not given a great brain for him to apply scholarship. He is just a simple orphan, with no relative wanna help him. So it's all about himself and his lovely little brother who still in need of education. And there's nothing he could do other than his body, he must study if he don't wanna drop out from university, so part time job was not an easy option, and it pays a little, but his brother and his education cost arm and leg, so he choose this.. To be paid quiet high amount of money for seducing the teachers.

Hyukjae went home and plops his small body in the bed. He felt exhausted - mentally - because honestly, he didn't love his job. Yeah, who wanna be a university's slut? Nobody. It's a dream of nobody.

"Hyung, you're home! How's university today?" Henry asked Hyukjae. Hyukjae just smile.

"Tiring. Simply.. Tiring." 'Mentally tiring' hyukjae add in his mind. Hyukjae took his wallet in his back pocket and hand Henry some money.

"Hy..hyung.. This is for me?" Henry eyed Hyukjae, he felt a bit flustered. Hyukjae just nod and smile.

"Use it well."

"Where did you got this hyung? This is a lot!!" Henry asked eagerly.

"People who are too lazy to make their own project pays me to make theirs." Hyukjae said lazily, Henry stared at him curiously.

"You don't believe me?!" Hyukjae said playfully while arching his eyebrows.

"I believe in you." Henry said.

Henry isn't like Hyukjae, he is smart, and he is able to enroll for a scholarship next year and he is a really good kid, Hyukjae loves him so much, he really treasures him. At first, Henry tried to help him earning some money with doing some part time job, but Hyukjae scold him and just told him to study. At first, Henry argued, but now he doesn't argue anymore, he know his hyung are hard-headed and somehow Hyukjae's earning can cover their both fees. But Henry seldom see his brother laugh happily this past months. After his mom's death, he never really laugh. He is becoming more introvert.

Hyukjae lazily walked to his bathroom and take a bath. He saw his reflection in the mirror and traced his own face in front of it. He touch his jawline and stared at it for a long time.

"You used to love this." He mumbles, then he touch his plump lips, "And this." He smile bitterly "But I bet you hate me now."

Then he wash himself. Hyukjae used to be loved by Donghae - his ex-boyfriend - and he felt contented because of it. But all of it was over. Hyukjae is such a kind boy, he doesn't have the word 'greed' in his dictionary. When Hyukjae's mom condition worsen, he stop dating with Donghae, because he know Donghae will help him gave him a lot of money - because Donghae is beyond rich - for his mom's medication and Hyukjae doesn't like to use other people money. So he broke up with Donghae so Donghae won't help him.

He never even once regret his decision for breaking up with Donghae. He never regret, from his point of view, that's the best. Donghae love Hyukjae so much and he didn't want to let go of Hyukjae, and Hyukjae asked Siwon - who has a secret crush on him - for pretending to be his boyfriend. Of course Siwon complied. After Donghae saw them together, he stop chasing over Hyukjae and soon after Hyukjae told Siwon to stop pretending and break up with him, and a month after that his mom died, and he doesn’t have the intention to tell other people that his mom was dead, so the fact was remained unknown, only 1 or 2 of Hyukjae’s friend know. So his only family is henry, because his dad already died long long ago.

And he started to do anything, for living. At first it pained him. Because he want only Donghae who'll touch him like the teachers did, but he can't do anything, even the teachers never do him, just touching him, he felt disgust. But again, he has Henry.. So he will do anything.. For living.


Donghae was near to fail the lesson. He's start to have a headache because of it, he doesn't wanna fail, well.. Who wants? The materials were too hard! It's a 70% chances that he will fail the test. Then his friend Kyuhyun approach him.

"Don't think too much fish! You'll pass the subject!" He said and give Donghae his famous smirk.

"What? I won't!" Donghae snap at him.

"Look, money works Donghae." Kyuhyun said and Donghae stared at him.

"Money. Works." Kyuhyun said with pressure on it.

"How?" Donghae asked confusely.

"Just pay the university slut to seduce mr.Kim." Kyuhyun said and giggled.

"University.. Slut?" Donghae asked Kyuhyun confusely.

"These past months, there are an university slut to seduce the teacher to be paid by student who doesn't pass. It's not a secret anymore though." Kyuhyun said.

"Really? Who is that? How much?"

"Not that expensive. I don't know. It's from the architec division though. I don't recall the name. Is it Lee.. Something? Like Lee Hyuk..jae?" Kyuhyun said. Donghae's heart fell. Lee hyukjae from the architecture division? That Lee Hyukjae, his ex-boyfriend? Then Kyuhyun poke another friend and asked.

"Hey, who's the name of the university slut?"

"Lee Hyukjae." His friend said and Donghae widened his eyes. Really? Why Hyukjae work for something like that? It's impossible right? Maybe there's another lee hyukjae from the architecture division.

"Wh..when.. When will you go and tell that Lee Hyukjae?"

"After the test result's out. Then I will come to him and pay him. Make sure to bring a lot of money if you want to join." Kyuhyun smirk and left him.  Donghae then still focus on his material he can't fail this. He never wanted to pay his ex just for his grade because it doesn't seem right, even they are breaking up not in a so good term.

Donghae left the class because he didn't have the mood to study more and went to his hyung. His hyung is a living network. He is very up to date in news. He saw his hyung in his classroom and drag him out.

"Yah fish! I'll grill you! Stop dragging me!" His hyung threatened, felt annoyed.

"I'm sorry hyung, you know.. Mm.. The university slut?" Donghae asked Heechul hesitantly. Heechul's face turned out to be serious.

"Why? You know your ex work now?" He asked and raised his eyebrow.

"Seriously it's Hyukjae?" Donghae asked in disbelieve, there's no way Hyukjae can be like that.. Right?

"Yes it's your sweet Hyukkie." Heechul said lazily.

"Jinjja? Hyung!" Donghae widended his eyes and start to say incoherent things.

"You mustn't care fish. It's not your position to." Heechul smirk.

"I..i don't care!" Donghae half yelling panicly.

"Then you must use his service someday. Or maybe for your upcoming econo- something exam?" Heechul laugh and Donghae left him frowning.

'Yeah, why I care about him?' Donghae asked in his mind, he doesn't know himself, why does he care about Hyukjae? The guy who broke up with him and left him for another guy? He shakes his head and went home. But he's in a doom, because he is care about Hyukjae, and his willing to study was doubled even tripled because of it. He has to passed. He really has to. He didn't wanna pay Hyukjae.


The day of Donghae's score announce was coming, Donghae saw the scoreboard and saw his score barely pass, it's nearly, nearly failed. And he smile, he walked towards kyuhyun.

"I passed." He said and smile widely.

"You mean barely pass?" Kyuhyun said. "Pay him to get more score." He continued and grinned.

"You passed?" Hyukjae asked him.

"I passed, but I have to hand him the money for our classmate."

"I don't wanna pay him."



“Whatever, just tell me if you wanna pay him, I’ll still be waiting for you till after-class, because I’ll be handing him the money at that time.” Kyuhyun said and patted Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae then left Kyuhyun. If we talk about if.. If the university slut wasn’t Hyukjae, will he pay the slut? Donghae thought he won’t. Because he is such an honest person. But if he think about it again, he didn’t feel sure himself. Was he didn’t pay the university slut just because he didn’t like the fact the university slut is his ex? Then he shook his head vigorously. No, he’s not thinking about that. Then he walked for another class.


Donghae just didn’t know why, he seriously didn’t understand why he’s spying on Kyuhyun now. It’s after-class and Kyuhyun gonna give the money for Hyukjae, and Donghae has getting anxious since he was in the last class, because of the Hyukjae  thingy, and he really didn’t want to believe it’s Hyukjae, he know Hyukjae isn’t a nerd, he is bubbly and a bit wild but it’s a bit so what’s makes him lost his rationality and do something like that? That’s not sound like Hyukjae, he is wild, he played hard, but he has dignity, he has rationality in his mind, so that he can stated clearly which is right and wrong, he is not like another guy who is played hard and do whatever they want, he is not. Donghae even need approximately 1 year to win his heart, he was hard to get.

Donghae walked slowly far behind Kyuhyun, so Kyuhyun won’t realize he was being followed by him. He walked to the garden of the university, and saw Kyuhyun stop at the corner, so he hid behind a tree, he looked Kyuhyun was seeing.. yeah.. seeing his so-called ex. And hand him envelope. It’s Hyukjae, accepting the envelope. Then after Kyuhyun said something, he left the spot, but Hyukjae still there, opened the envelope and count the money. What is that? Seriously. Was his eyes deceiving him? Because it’s unbelievable. Donghae’s heart race due to anger, his blood boils. He unconsciously come into Hyukjae’s position. He fold his hand and stood in front of Hyukjae, who was busy counting his money.

“ehmm..” Donghae faked a cough. Hyukjae lifted his head and surprised when he saw Donghae, because the truth is, he felt ashamed that he caught red-handed accepting moneys from his dirty worked, he felt ashamed, but he force a smirk.

“Hey. Donghae, what’s wrong? Going to use my service?” He asked cheerfully.

“Hyukkie, what’s that money about?” Donghae stared at him with a not so good tone.

“Hmm.. my job?” He said and chuckles.

“Hyukjae it isn’t right, why are you doing this?” Donghae asked him.

“And why are you supposed to care? Just tell me, you need my service? You are suck at Mr. Kim’s subject.” Hyukjae said with a playful tone and grinned.

“What? I passed!” Donghae said and widened his eyes.

“No you are not Donghae, you widened your eyes, you are lying.” Hyukjae said and approaching Donghae, caressed his tanned arm. “Money, it will cost you –“ and his sentence cut by Donghae’s shrugging Hyukjae’s hand.

“I never know you are that cheap. I.. never know.” Donghae said and left.

Hyukjae saw Donghae’s back walked away from him and couldn’t help but felt really sad. He was happy, because Donghae cared, he was happy, that Donghae’s angry, but he was sad, because the person he love called him cheap. Yeah, just how come he became such a cheap person. And since when? He asked himself and shook his head, his tears threatened to fall but he wiped it quickly and count his money. But staring at that money makes him felt cheaper and cheaper, so he didn’t count and put back to the envelopes.


After a few days, Hyukjae met Mr.Kim, and he seduce the teacher in the infirmary. He was done telling the name who paid him. But Hyukjae still hesitant of one thing, and he decided to let it out in the middle when his teacher toying with his body.

“Mmnnh.. Mr. Kim.. Is Donghae passed?” He asked Mr. Kim between his moan. Mr. Kim stop playing with him and took out the student chart.

“Barely.” Mr. Kim said and hug him tight. Then Hyukjae pull himself and stand straight in front of the teacher.

“Make his score higher.” Hyukjae said.

“Then I’ll get a bonus? Because it’s too much already. It’s already 6 person, with him it’s mean 7 person.” Mr. Kim smirk.

“What do you want?” Hyukjae asked with smirk in his face.

“Get your jeans off.” He commanded, Hyukjae swallowed the lump in his throat, but he complied, he know he must be careless of Donghae but he can’t, he strip his jeans until he wears only his boxer and the teacher start to caressed his lap and kissed him hard, Hyukjae just cover his clothed member with his hand, because he didn’t want his member to be touched, either than Donghae, there’s no one. After a while, his teacher start to lose control and try to stripped Hyukjae’s boxer, he fought his teacher and wear his jeans and shirt fast, ended it with a hard kiss, smile and bid his goodbye.  He went home that day with such a hollow face. He stared at the bus window for a long time. He felt dirty. He felt he is betrayed Donghae, even he know that Donghae supposed to be a nobody for him. And why he made Mr. Kim gave Donghae a higher score? He was not paying in the first place.


The next day, Donghae was called by Mr. Kim to his office room.

“Well, thanks for the business, and you all passed, and Donghae, your score is added as well.” Mr. Kim said and smirked, Donghae frowned, thanks for the business? What business? He didn’t pay anything, he didn’t sell anything. When all the six went out of the room, Donghae asked Mr. Kim what did it supposed to be mean.

“Hyukjae said to raise your score as well Donghae, so I raise your score.” Mr. Kim said and smile. Donghae frowned and bid his goodbye, he was rushing to go to the architecture section, well.. you know why. He was mad, to a certain person in that section, a certain Lee Hyukjae. He was rushing to Hyukjae’s class, saw him and asked him to go outside, Hyukjae complied.

“What the hell are you doing?” Donghae asked Hyukjae angrily when they are out from his class.

“Nothing? I do nothing.” Hyukjae wore his innocent face.

“You told Mr. Kim to raise my score.” Donghae said.

“Oh I see. Then thanked me.” Hyukjae grinned.


“Thank me. Because I make your score better.”

“You’re not supposed to do that.” Donghae snapped.

“Just a free treat. A trial. Just be happy because you are getting it free while the other must pay for it.”

“Never do that again! I didn’t need your help.” Donghae said and left Hyukjae, Hyukjae stared for Donghae’s back again, it seems like de javu of the other day. When he stared at Donghae’s back so long, and he felt pain in his chest. He still love Donghae. He was still love him. But he know that Donghae won’t take him back, maybe even he hated him now. He couldn’t do anything and he felt extremely depressed. He want his lovely life back, when he didn’t have to think about money and stuff. Live his life just like any teenager did, with Donghae by his side loving him. But sadly once again.. he just can’t.


Donghae was walking towards his home when he pass through Henry, Hyukjae’s brother, he’s thinking whether to have a talk, chit –chatting even he is too lazy, but he decided to say hello to his former boyfriend’s brother.

“Henry.” Donghae called him.

“Ah Hyung!! Long time no see! I miss you.” Henry said and smile sweetly to Henry.

“Yeah kinda miss you too. How are you?”

“Great, how are you Hyung?” Henry asked.

“Great?” Donghae said uncertainly and laugh awkwardly. There’s silence in the air until Donghae decided to break the silence.

“Henry, how’s mom?” Donghae asked cautiously. Henry turned his face to Donghae with a wide eyes, clearly surprised.

“You don’t know? She passed away.” Henry said bitterly and chuckle. “Hyung doesn’t tell you?” Donghae felt shock, Hyukjae’s mom passed away?

“H..He d..doesn’t tell me.” Donghae stammered due to his shock.

“Hyung.. is a good hyung, he always bring up money to support our life, I wonder what work is he doing though.” Henry said. And Donghae’s tongue went stiff. So it’s not Hyukjae being cheap. It’s Hyukjae was left with no option. Because he must support his and his brother’s need.

“Oh. I guess I’ll go first. Be a good dongsaeng for your hyung.” Donghae smile bitterly and walk away.

“Yeah, bye hyung.” Henry said and Donghae walk to the opposite direction. How if Henry know the truth? What will he feels? Stupid Hyukjae, he always more than  welcome to use his money, when Hyukjae’s mom condition start to get worse, Donghae always offered Hyukjae money, but he declined. And in the end, they are breaking up for an ambiguous reason. He felt sad, after all he has a heart, his heart still working in his body, he felt miserable, even Hyukjae left him for another guy. He wanted to  help him, because selling his body doesn’t seem right.


It has been few weeks, Donghae started to stalked on Hyukjae. But he didn’t want to admit it and telling himself he was guarding Hyukjae, he was followed Hyukjae till he make sure Hyukjae went home, and after that he went home, before that, when his class was over, he always saw Hyukjae first, followed him from behind, and when Hyukjae seduce the teacher in the infirmary, he will waited outside, in the hallways, fortunately the infirmary was in the isolated place, in the highest level, and in the corner, so there’s barely no people walked passed through it, so nobody knows that Donghae spying his ex. Donghae didn’t know why but he felt he must followed Hyukjae, make sure he’s okay. He watched Hyukjae heavily when the other went out of the infirmary room always looked bitter.

And one day, Hyukjae has to served one of his teachers, and the number of the payer was more than 5, and Hyukjae has already too often served this teacher and as he predict, the teacher yearned for more. He unzipped Hyukjae’s trouser and pinned him to the bed.

“Mister.. no.. no you can’t do this!” Hyukjae yell.

“What? It’s 8 people and I deserved more, as I heard Mr. Kim could get his hand to you bare thigh, so why I can’t have my hand to your bare… junior?” The teacher whisper huskily and Hyukjae felt frightened. He is scared, no one, no one has touched him in his member, only Donghae, only Donghae and he didn’t want the teacher in front of him touch his member.

“Please no! PLEASE NO mr NO!” Hyukjae yelled. But the teacher continue to strip his jeans until the jeans hanging loose in his legs.

“NO DON’T DO THIS! DONGHAE! DONGHAE!” Hyukjae yelled. He didn’t know what’s wrong with him. But he know he yell for Donghae. He was scared. He was extremely scared, tears run down from his cheeks.

“Donghae? Who’s Donghae?” The teacher asked, and just like that the room opened, revealing Donghae with such a panic face, of course he hear Hyukjae’s yell. He’s outside the infirmary though, even the sound was faint, he could barely heard it, and when he got closer, he’s surprised when he heard Hyukjae yell his name. He went inside the room, slapped the teacher hard, grabbed Hyukjae’s shirt and wear it on him, he also pull his trousers up until it reached the right place, buttoned it and help him wear his belt. Hyukjae stared to Donghae for a long time when he dressed him up.

Donghae grabbed his hand dragged him outside. They are out from the room but Hyukjae felt his energy drained and he fell on the floor. Donghae eyeing him. And Hyukjae stared hollowly to the floor.

“Ck, Hyukjae.” Donghae scoffed and he lifted the other bridal style to the rooftop. Hyukjae felt Donghae’s arms around him and he felt safe, he felt secure, and he started to cry again. They are arrived at the rooftop, and Donghae sat on the floor with Hyukjae hug him tight like a koala – bear. Donghae hesitantly caressed Hyukjae’s back to soothe him. While Hyukjae still cried out loud.

“Ssshhh. It’s over.” Donghae tried to calm Hyukjae, but Hyukjae cry even more.

“I..I..I’m freakin’ scared.” Hyukjae said between his sob. They are stay in that position until Hyukjae calmed down and Hyukjae move from his position to sit beside Donghae.

“I’m sorry.”He said while hugging his legs.

“Hmm.” Donghae lazily said. He still confuse what to say.

“I’m sorry did I make you mad?” Hyukjae said.

“Yeah you are Hyukjae, why did you become the university slut?” Donghae said staring sharply at him.

“There’s no other way.” Hyukjae said, and he felt extremely embarrassed, maybe he should called it a day and he stood up.

“I’m sorry Donghae, thanks for your help.” Hyukjae smile and intended to run away, but Donghae caught his wrist.

“Why are you calling my name?” He asked Hyukjae with a small voice. Hyukjae just raising his shoulder, telling the other that he don’t know.

“Why don’t you call Siwon? The guy you left me with?” Donghae asked with such a dangerous voice.

“I don’t know.” Hyukjae said faintly. Donghae stood up immediately and hugged Hyukjae, he didn’t wanna lost Hyukjae again.

“I don’t know why, but I love you.” Donghae held Hyukjae tight.

“No, you are not supposed to feel that way. Not to me, I don’t deserve it.” Hyukjae said without hugging Donghae back.

“No, Hyukjae no.. I love you, even you betray me and left with Siwon, even you are becoming the university slut, I love you.” Donghae said and Hyukjae’s tears threatened to fall. He wanted Donghae back, but it’s okay? His chest hurt, he felt suffocated.

“I have never in relationship with Siwon, it was just a trick so you would move on.” Hyukjae said. Donghae pushed his body slightly so he could see his ex- boyfriend ‘s face.

“What?” Donghae asked with frowned in his forehead.

“It’s just a lie, I don’t like the fact that you want to give me money, and if you know my mother’s condition worsen, you’ll give me money, and now, I don’t have anybody to rely on, you’ll support all my and Henry’s expenses, and I don’t like that fact. I want to rely on my own self.” Hyukjae said and tears fall down from his eyes again.

“You’re stupid! You rely on your own and worked like this?! Where’s your brain?” Donghae asked him, and he just stared at Donghae deeply, shrugging his hands. Donghae wasn’t his. He was to kind, he will be such a burden, he couldn’t be selfish. And he didn’t deserve Donghae, he is dirty.

“I don’t know where’s my brain is. I’m sorry.” Hyukjae said and excused to leave. Donghae starred at him dumbfounded. He watched Hyukjae’s back walking far away from him, just like the day of their break up. ‘Is this it? Only like this? Am I going to lose this way?’ Donghae thought and he ran away, hugging Hyukjae from behind, because no, he’ll win Hyukjae again, He’ll win him. Donghae thought.

“You love me. So you called my name. you love me Hyukjae.” Donghae stated. Hyukjae shrugged his hands and turned around.

“Even if I love you, I didn’t deserve you. I’m famous now, people know me. I’m known of my bad reputation. It will make your reputation bad as well. And I’m dirty.” Hyukjae smile bitterly. “So find-“ Hyukjae couldn’t finished his sentence. Donghae silenced him by a kiss, Hyukjae’s eyes widened, he was shocked. Donghae then eyeing him intently.

“I won’t find somebody else, I don’t care if you’re dirty, you love me. And I know it, I don’t care if people talking shit about me Hyukjae, I love you, let’s start over.” Donghae said seriously. Hyukjae gasped, Donghae was so kind.

“You won’t regret it?” Hyukjae asked him.

“No, I won’t.” Donghae said and Hyukjae kissed him. They kissed like no tomorrow. After their kiss, there’s silence in the air, with they stared at each other face and smiling brightly.

“Hyukjae.. I love you.” Donghae said and pecked Hyukjae’s lips.

“I love you too.” Hyukjae chuckles.

“About your job.. Quit it!” Donghae said and Hyukjae nod.

“Promise me that  you’ll let me to support your expenses.” Donghae said and Hyukjae pout.

“Please no.” Hyukjae said.

“No, I will. So promise me.” Donghae said.

“Please no.. I will work part time job and stuff.” Hyukjae said with pleading us.

“No, you’ll be tired, it’s for the best! So agree with it.” Donghae command and Hyukjae nod.

“Promise me that you will asked my help and there’s no secret between us.” Hyukjae hardly nod again.

“Good. Now tell me are you by any chance already having sex with them?” Donghae stared at him and Hyukjae widened his eyes, punching Donghae’s arm.

“Of course no!” Hyukjae said angrily.

“Good then.” Donghae smile widely. “let’s start fresh.” He said again and kissed Hyukjae’s forehead. “And you are mine.” Donghae said and Hyukjae’s chuckled, finally.. he got his happiness back.

“Now let’s go to my house.” Donghae said.

“What for?” Hyukjae eyeing him confusedly.

“Erasing the trace of those dirty hands.” Donghae smirk and Hyukjae chuckled at Donghae’s fishy brain.


This story just popped in my brain..
I know it's a bit strange, I kinda rush it.
And I gave many efforts to this fics :"(
please show me some love. ♥

PS: oh and BTW I can't wait for suju's comeback!!!
donghae ruined my bias list! he looks so hot in the teaser! my eyes can't let go of him LOL

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  • Fate 7

    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

  • precious 2

    After the second crying incident in the grave, Donghae and Hyukjae pretty much closer. Because Donghae already know his address, Donghae often…

  • precious 1

    Donghae has already live in Mokpo for a month, and there's nobody that he found seems to be clicked with his criteria. Seriously, Donghae is a…