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Fate [1D]

Title: Fate
Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk)
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: PG-13 may increase later.
Length: Chaptered [1D/?]
Warning(s): Heechul's being a girl (gender switch). many grammatical errors!
Summary:  What if.. There all arranged from the start?

<<<< 1A 1B 1C

The school was so hectic. Girls screaming everywhere, they were beyond excited when they heard that the Korean’s prince was attending their school. The guys have a grumpy face while the girls have the dreamy one. They are waiting at the school gates untill there are a car, with a golden plates arrive.

That was Hae and Hyukjae's first day of school. People love Donghae, well, to be exact, they spoiled Donghae, and Donghae hates it. It seems like people treat him differently. He later found Siwon and Kibum. They weren't treat him with a special treatment, and Donghae like it. He Don't like the way the school put him and Hyukjae together, they were in the same class. He felt like he want to shout to the whole school that Hyukjae was only 'sold' to the royal family, but of course, he bit his tongue, not to let that sentence slipped from his lips. Fortunately for him, people didn't like Hyukjae, because people know that he was Donghae's future wife and the girls hate it. And also even a lot of girls flirt with Donghae, Donghae only can flirt back with no further move, because he still known as a kingdom’s prince that destined to be with Hyukjae. And Donghae already learnt about kingdom regulation and stuff, he know that it will be no point of arguing because they will still married. So they agreed to put on an act, even in school they don’t really act, because of Donghae who sometimes flirt to a girl in front of Hyukjae.

Hyukjae was a man with a lot of patience, he know that Donghae didn't like him, so he just did everything Donghae told him to, he never argued. But he just found it's fortunate to found Sungmin as his friend, and also Leeteuk from the senior class. At least, he had friends.

One day, Hyukjae asked Donghae in the school hallways.

"D..Donghae." He called Donghae who walk in his front. He was stuttering because he knew that Donghae didn't like him to call him in school. Donghae told that clearly to Hyukjae.

"D..D..Donghae!" He called again. But Donghae didn't budged, he just walked as if he didn't hear anything. Hyukjae runs toward him and tapped his shoulder. He stop his step and glare to Hyukjae.

"Mm.. I'm sorry.. Mm.. D..donghae.. What extra class are you gonna take?" Hyukjae lowered his head and played with his nails nervously.

"Why? Is it your business? It's not." Donghae said sternly.

"N..no. I didn't mean like that.. I mean.. So the car can pick up us in the same time. So I won't trouble you." Hyukjae said honestly. But Donghae didn't like his words and folded his hands in his chest.

"Hyukjae, how many cars that my family have?" He asked with a calm voice. Hyukjae just shook his head and bite his lips, in fact he lost count.

"You don't know right? Because it's so fucking many right?" Donghae said and give a little pressure when he said fucking many but in the same time he lowered his voice, he is a prince, a prince must behave, he make sure only Hyukjae can heard his cursed. Hyukjae just nod his head. Donghae took one step closer to Hyukjae and make him startled.

"I get martial arts, and don't follow me. You can do nothing, and it's a pleasure not to going home at the same time with you. The chaffeur can get you any time." Donghae said and smirk.

That is how he treated Hyukjae. At first he still pitied Hyukjae, because he knew sometime Hyukjae will tried his best to hide his tears, even though it often showed. But now.. He was enjoying it, in fact he thought it's the rightest thing to do. Hyukjae was not a part of his family. And he thought, he'll never be.

And Hyukjae felt very sad, but he decided to avoid Donghae, he felt Donghae was so scary. It was still hurt to face the reality - that Donghae hates him. And it was also hurt when he heard Donghae said.

"Hyukjae, how many cars that my family have?"

It's a my, it seems like Donghae addressing Hyukjae like an outsider, it used to be a ‘we’, it used to be ‘our’.


One day in high school day.

It's Hyukjae's birthday. All people in his class prepare for surprising hyukjae. When Hyukjae and Donghae arrived to their class, the light were off, and it's so silent, as silent as a graveyard. Then the lights were turned on and their classmates cheered happily. Donghae just rolled his eyes and sit in his chair. People know that Donghae didn't like Hyukjae, and people noticed he's frowning, but there's nothing did their classmate do. They congratulated Hyukjae non-stop.

Donghae started to feel annoyed when he saw Siwon and Kibum congratulate Hyukjae too. He slammed his table and stood up. All the people eyeing him.

"What's the good with his birthday?" He said, more to himself and left the class and heading to the rooftop. All the people got shock. They knew that Donghae didn't like Hyukjae, but they didn't know that Donghae would act that harsh.

Hyukjae in the other hand was stunned in his position and felt his eyes got warmer. He smile weakly to his classmate and sat in his seat, his bestfriend Sungmin sat beside him and comfort him.

Hyukjae and Sungmin were pretty close. But it had become a habit that Hyukjae just can't open up about his personal life to other people. His personal life was including the kingdom, and it's not personal anymore. So people just know his pokerface, the bright face that as if saying ‘I’m happy and don’t have any problem.’

Sungmin just eyeing him anxiously and hug Hyukjae. Hyukjae felt flinch at first, but he felt needy for a hug, he needs warmth, because his heart had just been frozen. Hyukjae looks so fragile all the time, skinny and fragile, but now Sungmin saw that Hyukjae, who everytime acted like he was a happy person nearly broke down, and he didn't know the problem. All he can do was to comfort him.

"Hyukkie, you know you can tell me everything right?" Sungmin asked him And Hyukjae fake a smile and nod.

Hyukjae was hoping, every year in his life after Donghae hate him. He wanted that all that happened in his life was a dream, a nightmare, so he will woke up and saw 'his hae' smiling to him. Or what happened to them was just Donghae's prank and in his birthday, Donghae will apologize to him. But it seems every year, it's getting harder, Donghae was getting harsher and harsher. And he know he was lying to himself.

Donghae was known because of his self-control, he never shout, never do anything stupid, he just smile all the time, he was considerate of others and the others felt his sincerity, and he didn’t know why he was out of control earlier. Why would he slammed the table. Yes, people know that he don’t like Hyukjae, but he didn‘t want people to see it so clearly because it will be bad for his reputation. And obviously, how if his mom found out? He will be doomed. They didn’t know that he hates Hyukjae. They both perfectly fooled their family by fake smile, looked as if they chat happily with Donghae teasing Hyukjae and so on. He just hope that people won’t spread this gossip even it seems like impossible, or… it’s okay if it’s spreading like a virus in this school, but he just hope nobody will tell Heechul or Hankyung or whoever in the kingdom’s family and Hyukjae family. The school bell rings and he was rushing to the class, at least, this accident couldn’t affect his attendance in school.


It was the school lunch break when Hyukjae was having lunch with Sungmin and Leeteuk. He was realized that Sungmin eyeing him worriedly the whole day, and he feel uncomfortable. Like now, Sungmin was staring at him.

“Minnie, can you stop staring at me? It’s going to pierce a hole in my face.” Hyukjae said jokingly. Sungmin seems to realized and look at somewhere else.

“I’m worried, you never give a sad expression, and in this morning, even it’s for a few minutes, you are not the bright kid I know, you seems so sad and in the lesson you unconsciously sighing non-stop.” Sungmin stated, and it’s taking Leeteuk’s attention, he never heard Hyukjae sad, so maybe it’s a serious thing he thought.

“Hyukkie is it true? What happened? Is something bothering you?” Leeteuk asked him worriedly. Hyukjae hate the attention he got. He never like that someone gave him attention like that, it seems like he was so pathetic and he really hate it.

“Please don’t eyeing me like that,  I hate it, and no, nothing happened, I’m fine. I really am.” Hyukjae said and take a spoonful of his food. No he is not fine he just said it because he couldn’t let any outsider know about his personal life. Because his life isn’t personal anymore, it’s including kingdom and it’s of course not so personal anymore.

“Hyukkie, stop being so stubborn, I know Donghae’s attitude had been bugging your mind this day and why you can’t let it out? You know we are all ears for you.” Sungmin said in not so calm voice. ‘ah, so it’s true there’s something happened between Donghae and Hyukjae this morning.’ Leeteuk thought. Of course Leeteuk had already heard that there’s something happened between Hyukjae and Donghae, it’s spreading like a virus in the whole school. But he just uncertain because after all, gossip was always so exaggerate, there’s one said that Donghae slammed the table, one said that Donghae kicked the table until it fell, one said that Hyukjae even cried. He didn’t know the truth.

“What’s going on Minnie?” Leeteuk asked him. And Sungmin told Leeteuk everything, Hyukjae just felt slightly annoyed and felt the sad feelings developing him again, he just carry on eating his meal.

“That’s harsh.” Leeteuk commented in the end. Hyukjae felt really annoyed.

“Hey I’m okay, okay? I’m fine, I’m good.” He said and gave them an annoyed look. Leeteuk and Sungmin just sighed.

“Hyukjae, do you trust your hyung?” Leeteuk eyeing Hyukjae, also said his real name ‘hyukjae’ instead of the usual ‘hyukkie’ and grabbed his hand. Hyukjae felt so guilty because he gave them an annoyed look earlier because they really are concerned of him, he know that they were really care. Hyukjae just nod. “You can count on us Hyukkie, and we won’t blabbers, we will acted like we don’t know anything even if you tell us about how you feel and stuff, I know you are part of the royals and it would have been hard on you to begin with.” Leeteuk gave him an assuring smile. He also could see that Sungmin nodding as an agreement of what Leeteuk said. He just smile, slightly felt happy to have friends like them. But he thought it’s not appropriate, it’s not necessary, he could bear it all without help like he always used to.

“Hyukjae, you live at the kingdom together with the royals and Donghae, aren’t you?” Minnie asked Hyukjae and he nod. “And if you feel like avoiding him or anything, don’t bother to come to my house okay? Just sleepover it’s okay, I bet my mom and dad won’t mind it.” Sungmin said and patted his shoulder. Hyukjae just smile.


Hyukjae and Donghae arrived to their home and saw the kingdom hall and garden was crowded. Hyukjae widened his eyes and Donghae rolled his eyes lazily. ‘what’s so special about his birthday?’ Hae thought again. Hyukjae rushed to Heechul that’s commanding the people bossily.

“Aunty! What happened? Why there’s crowd anywhere?” Hyukjae asked and soon found himself in Heechul’s embrace.

“Hey Hyukkie, back already? It’s for your birthday party.” She said cheerfully.

“Birthday party?” Donghae asked calmly.

“Yeah, Hyukkie already 17 this year. We must celebrate it. It’s the legal age of almost everything.” Heechul said made Hyukjae slightly blushed, he felt rather precious.

“Oh, yeah right, it’s Hyukjae’s birthday. Guess it’s a happy day for you.” Donghae said, smile, patted Hyukjae’s hair making him blushed because it seems so real and walked away to his room. Of course it was a mask, a mask so Heechul thought they were still in good terms, Heechul just didn’t know, yes, they – the others – just didn’t know. When Donghae decided to hate Hyukjae and called Hyukjae instead of Hyukkie even in public, Heechul and Hankyung asked him why, and Donghae just said ‘It’s better that way, we are want to be husband and wife, and addressing each other in formal way will make us respect each other more.’ And he finished his line with a sweet smile. Make Hyukjae blushed because it seems real even he know it’s not and made Hankyung and Heechul believe it. Donghae was clever, he was a prince by the way.

Heechul smile and slightly pushed Hyukjae.

“Go to your room, I had already ordered the maids to prepare everything for you, your bath, your attires and everything. If there’s anything else you need just asked Sooyoung, I guess she is in your room tidying everything now.” Heechul said and Hyukjae just smile and went to his room. Hyukjae stepped to his room and found Sooyoung organizing his room and ordering the other maids around- She’s the maid who’s in charge of Hyukjae by the way - in Hyukjae’s room, He could see that the maids was changing his bedsheet to his favorite one – strawberries, and the other maid mopping his room, one was hanging tuxedo which was new he guess because he never saw it before and the other was in Hyukjae’s bathroom.

“Hey why so hectic noona?” Hyukjae asked innocently.

“Of course because today was your birthday, silly.” Sooyoung said and ruffles Hyukjae’s head. For Sooyoung, Hyukjae just like her own younger brother, the sweet fragile Hyukjae. She even know the fact that Donghae hate him. She was the only one who knows, because Hyukjae felt that Sooyoung was the only one who could keep his secret safely but there’s always something that Hyukjae covered, he wasn’t told Sooyoung all the thing.

“Happy birthday Hyukkie.” She said sincerely and Hyukjae smiled.

“Thanks noona.” He said.

“Your bed sheet has changed to your favorite one, your bathtub was already filled by strawberry bubble soap, and should we lid up a strawberry aromatherapy?”

“Ah noona yes I want the strawberry aromatherapy.” Hyukjae smiled widely, then Sooyoung patted Hyukjae’s head again.

“With your love towards strawberry and that kind of smile, who knows you already 17? Go take a bath, I and the other maids will excuse ourselves.” Sooyoung said to the pouting Hyukjae. Sooyoung claps and all the maids stand in line, bowed a little and said “Happy birthday our kingdom beloved Hyukjae.” And went out. Hyukjae was touched and smile. Then he took a bath, the scent of strawberry refreshed his minds.


When Hyukjae was done preparing himself, he look on his reflection in the big mirror, it seems alright, then he smiled and whispered to himself “happy birthday Hyukjae.”

He went out from his room and saw that every hall was crowded. He didn’t like crowd too much because he was a shy person, he went to the main hall and there’s his dad and mom chatting with the guest, he was so happy to see them and ran towards them, and they have reunion quite a while and then Hyukjae started to welcomed the guest, chit-chatting, and one of the guests asked him where is Donghae, he started to remember, they have to greet the guests together, then Hyukjae quickly searched for Donghae, when he found him, he clutched to Donghae’s arm, Donghae’s body was stiffened a bit but he still gave a big smile in his face and ruffled Hyukjae’s hair.

“You guys suited each other.” The guest whom earlier chat with Donghae said. Hyukjae blushed and smile sheepishly. Hyukjae always blushed, because he was shy, and felt it was real. In public, Donghae already told him that they will acted like a happy couple, and they could do some skinship, but if they aren’t in public, Donghae acted really cold.

“Thanks.” Hyukjae said, then the guest said happy birthday to him, and they go to another guest, smile, chit chatting and so on with Hyukjae’s hand still in Donghae’s. Actually Hyukjae didn’t like the kingdom’s party, for him it seems like political meetings than a party, there’s so many ministers and important people attend the party, forcing him to always smile.

To make it official, Hankyung called his name to the crowd, and when Hyukjae in the middle, there’s a big strawberry cake, the crowds was singing for him, all people cheers for him, and he felt so happy, after he casually sliced the cake, then there’s some words that given by the family in the middle of the hall, like some kind of speech, at first Hyukjae’s parent, then when it’s Donghae’s turn, Donghae said his words. And that simple words made Hyukjae more than happy even if he knows that it was  fake.

“I stand here in the middle of the crowd, to tell the people here that I’m so happy, him, Lee Hyukjae had been born in this world, I gave my special thanks to his parents, Lee Hyori and Kangta because they brought my dearest Hyukjae to be born and meet me. Thanks Lee Hyukjae for being born, for being by my side in this 12 years of my life, because that was the best years of my life. Thanks for always lightened up my day with your smile. I promised to make you happy each day of your life. Lee Hyukjae I love you, Happy birthday.”

Hyukjae’s eyes watered, it seems so real. It seems so real that it hurts him so much, he hope the reality was the same. Donghae even said that he loved him.

‘Because the truth was he didn’t like  he hate I was being born in this world, because the truth he didn’t like the fact that I’m his wife to be, the truth maybe he was cursing umma and appa for making me born. Also I bet my smile was bothering him and ruined his mood for the day  and that ‘I love you’ supposed to be an ‘I hate you’.’ Hyukjae thought, he quickly erased his tears. Then it’s Heechul turn to give a few words, and finally Hankyung the most anticipated one, because it’s a tradition when a person in the kingdom family was 17 year old, they will have a special nickname, and it’s different from each other.

“Thanks for the people who attend this party, we’re very grateful for your presence, today I stand here to say to my dear Hyukjae happy birthday, I hope ……” Hankyung said his words in a long narration, he’s a king by the way.

“He’s always so bright, so lovely, he brings happiness everywhere, he always smile. He was shining, like a jewel, he was special, he was the kingdom’s precious jewel, so that I, as the kingdom’s king named him Eunhyuk, eun – the sign of silver, presented his preciousness. The kingdom’s precious jewel Eunhyuk.”

“Eunhyuk” Hyukjae whispered to himself, he was so happy to know his new name. It seems so great.


When the party was over, the guests had already left, and so his mom and dad. It’s already late night. Hankyung and Heechul then dragged him and Donghae to the kingdom’s garage.

“Do you see that white car?” Heechul asked Hyukjae. And Hyukjae nod.

“That’s our present, that’s your car.” Hankyung said. Hyukjae widened his eyes in disbelieve but when he could digest what had just happened, he hug both Heechul and Hankyung. And the couple laugh happily. Now Hyukjae know why they made Hyukjae learnt how to drive a few months ago, it’s because they want to give him a car. But it made Donghae unhappy, now he felt Hyukjae was the center of attention, Hyukjae also get his parent’s love and he hate it.

Then they went separately to their own room, Hyukjae walked side by side with Donghae because their room was beside each other.

“Eunhyuk huh? It’s a beautiful name, but it’s not suited you well, because you are not.” Donghae said, it was like his heart stabbed, it’s hurt, why Donghae always insulted him?

“D..Donghae..” Hyukjae stopped his walked and stared at him. Donghae realized and also stop his step, turned his body to face Hyukjae with his hand folded.

“And look, you are only a poor boy, it’s so fortunate for you to have a car in your 17 party. A cool one not to mention.” Donghae said mockingly, Hyukjae couldn’t take more of it, tears escaped from his eyes.

“Donghae, can you be nice to me? It’s my birthday.”

“Like hell I care.” Donghae said coldly and left Hyukjae. Hyukjae went to his room and saw a bunch of present in his room, it’s blocking most of all  the empty space of his room, it made him hard to walk, he usually love present, but not now, the thing he want was to cry until he forget everything, he want to let his heart out, he want to turned to somebody but there was nobody. And then he heard his phone beeped, he saw the message.

From; Sungmin

What’s your special name Hyukjae?

And he suddenly remembered that he has friend to turned to, then he called Sungmin and Leeteuk on conference and talked to them while sobbing uncontrollably. And why did Hyukjae decided to tell his friends? It was a simple reason, he couldn’t take it anymore. And that day, Hyukjae cried, but for the first time, he wasn’t alone. He kept aside the kingdom thingy and went with his heart.

And also that day, Donghae start to hate him more. Why? Simply because he felt Hyukjae stole his parent’s attention, his parent’s love.


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  • Fate 7

    Title: Fate Pairing(s): HaeHyuk (dominant hae submissive hyuk) Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst Rating: PG-13 may increase later. Length: Chaptered…

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