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Bad Dream

Title: Bad Dream
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Author: nithanchovy
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Drama/slight!Angst/AU/Fluff
Length: oneshot
Word counts : 3733

Summary:  Hyukjae is the spoiled wife of Lee Donghae, and one day, he have a really bad dream that makes him crying in his sleep.

"Hae, hae, hae." Hyukjae said cutely while pulling donghae's suit.

"Yes?" Donghae asked Hyukjae, then Hyukjae shakes his head vigorously.

"Nothing." Hyukjae giggles. Donghae know that Hyukjae really wanna say something to him, want to demand something to him, but Hyukjae is shy.

"No, that's not a 'nothing'." Donghae frowns. Hyukjae then walks to the wardrobe, grab a tie and lingers it to Donghae's neck.

"Mm.. I really want strawberry.. and.. strawberry milk, I ran out of it." Hyukjae said while making Hae's tie, he avoids Donghae's eyes because he always so shy when he demands something from his husband. Donghae chuckles at Hyukjae behavior.

"I know that's not a 'nothing', look! You demand something from me." Donghae tease his wife. Earning a pout from Hyukjae. He ruffles hyuk's hair. Hyukjae then give him the sweetest gummy smile.

"You'll give me that strawberry stuff right Hae?" Hyukjae asked and pull his husband tie, makes Donghae leans closer to him and he closed the gap between them and kiss Donghae. Donghae's hand then makes his way to Hyukjae's waist and pull him closer. Hyukjae's startled at the sudden touch. But his hand makes his way to Hae's neck to deepen the kiss. After some while he pull hae's chest slightly and smile.

"So you'll give it to me right?" He said and bite his lips. Hae nod and kiss his wife's cheek.

"Mm, I'll give you. Geez, I spoiled you too much!" Hae gives out a sigh.

"Mnoo.. You don't." Hyukjae giggles and kiss hae in his cheek.

"Well, who won't spoiled such a cute monkey like you?"

"I'm cute! But I'm not a monkey!"

"Yes, you're not a monkey, you're my private monkey." Hae giggles, hyukjae slightly punch hae's chest.

"Stupid fish. Just go." He pushes donghae's body harshly. Donghae chuckles at his wife behavior and hug him from the back.

"You said it yourself. 'I'll do everything hae.. Just.. Please be my boyfriend.' " Donghae laugh heartily after mimicking hyukjae's past confession. "And I thought that's including you willingly being called monkey for me." Donghae smirks

"You! Just go!" Hyukjae shrugged his husband's hand from his waist and pushes him to the front door with his flushing face, he doesn't understand why he confessed to the other so desperately in the past.

"Okay I'll go." Donghae said and smile.

"Lots lots of strawberry okay hae?" Hyukjae asked and peck his husband cheek.

"I get it. I love you."

"I love you too! Strawberry! Okay?" Hyukjae smile sweetly then hae open their front door and walks toward his car. But he still hears Hyukjae yells

"Go home safely! And strawberry!" Donghae just chuckles, sometimes he really doesn't understand, Hyukjae wants him to go home safely today for what? Only for delivering the strawberry? He said the word strawberry too much today. But he know that his wife loves him, and it's enough for him. He is glad because he have such a cute irresistable wife, even sometimes he is immature. No, not sometimes, always immature.


Hyukjae plops himself down to the couch after he saw his husband's car already left thair house. He grabs a pillow and hug it, then he rolls in the couch, his face flushed after what his husband said. He really hate when his husband mimicking what did he said back then in highschool.

You know highschool? When every human there still so freaking naïve - or it's just him who is naïve - still dreaming about a perfect boyfriend? Hyukjae was one of them. And he had a huge crush for a certain male named Lee Donghae. They are classmates for two consecutive years but they are never really talk because Hyukjae always avoid from making an eye-contact to Donghae. He is so shy. And Donghae seems so gorgeous, he is perfect and gorgeous. He is smart, handsome, kind, the captain of football, and the head of student council while Hyukjae was just a simple highschool boy with average brain and a class representative.

He was elected to be the class representative not because he is really able for that task it's just because their class didn't like a strict class representative so they just elected Hyukjae, the innocent and easy bullied one. Whenever Hyukjae tried to calm their class, the whole class ignore him, until he was frustrated and in the verge of tears because he know that the teacher will scold him, and Donghae will pat his shoulder and ruled the class instead of him. So shortly, Donghae was Hyukjae's savior the whole two years, and yes, he is elected twice.

Hyukjae's crush grew bigger and bigger by the time, and when he thought he couldn't bear it more, he confessed to Donghae.

"D..D..Donghae.. I like you." Hyukjae stammered. His hands was cold and sweating due to his nervousness , and his head fixed to the ground.

"Hmm?" Donghae questioned him.

"I.. L..l..like you." Hyukjae said again.

"But-" Donghae wanted to say 'But you don't even look right in my eyes.' But Hyukjae already cut him.

"I'll do everything hae.. Just.. Please be my boyfriend." Hyukjae didn't know why that sentence could slipped out from his mouth, that day, he only want Hae became his boyfriend, and he'll do everything for the other. Then he heard Donghae giggled and said.

"Hey relax, I love you too, I just wanna ask why don't you look at me right in my eyes?" Donghae still giggled.

Well, that's how they are become a boyfriend, then they are happily married, but that quotes, 'I'll do everything hae.. Just.. Please be my boyfriend.' Hae often used it to tease his wife.

Hyukjae rolls in the couch more violently because he is really embarrassed, why he uttered those words to the other?! He really don't understand.

Then he feel himself fell to the hard floor and winced.

"Stupid fish, because of you I fell down! You better gimme lots of strawberry." He mumbled and get up, start to prepare food for his husband later in the evening.


Donghae smiles when feel his phone vibrate in his pocket, he take out his phone and see that it is from his lovely wife.

From: wifey

Hubby I want LOTS of strawberry stuff! Don't forget to buy it for me. I want fresh strawberry, strawberry milk, strawberry jelly, strawberry jam, strawberry, strawberry, strawberry. Lots of it !!

And I love you .

Donghae chuckles, look, his wife blabbers about strawberry first, and only in the last sentence he said 'I love you.' His wife is so immature. He shuts down his computer, and preparing to go home when he feel someone taps his shoulder.

"There's gathering, well, in the usual place donghae, wanna join?"

"Mm.. I don't think so." Donghae give a polite smile to Kyuhyun.

"Needy wife?" Kyuhyun asked and smirks. Donghae just chuckles heartily.

"Hey you should join Donghae." Kyuhyun try to persuades his bestfriend.

"I don't think so Kyuhyun. My wife-"

"Doesn't like when the strong smell of smoke and liquor lingering in my clothes. I know." Kyuhyun smirk and Donghae just smile, he uttered those words many times already and the other fed up of it.

"Yeah, so I don't go." Donghae said and smile.

"Well it's understandable, his favorite drink is strawberry milk by the way." Kyuhyun said flately, earning a hearty chuckles from donghae.

"Donghae come on!" Kyuhyun said desperately.

"No." Donghae said.

"Come on, you listen too much to that monkey."

"Hey, don't adress my wife like that! Besides he wants a lots of strawberry today." Donghae said and left kyuhyun at the office.

Yeah, just like that, donghae's love towards the certain monkey.


Hyukjae is washing the dishes when the phone rings. He immediately wash his hands and pick up the phone, it is donghae's number. He smile and accept the call.

"Hello. Do you have any family relation with Lee Donghae?" The callers spoke, hyukjae is confuse because he is certain that the one who call him is donghae, it's his husband phone's number!

"What happened? I.. I'm his wife." Hyukjae said, he sense something fishy. Why would somebody have his husband's phone?

"I'm sorry but your husband just having an accident and now the ambulance coming to Seoul Central Hospital."

"My husband? Y..you mean Lee Donghae?"

"Yes, I thought you should go here."


It is fast, for hyukjae, he found himself widened his eyes after the caller hang up the phone, it's taking a few good minutes for him to realize that his husband was informed having an accident. He found his legs trembling and he won't be able to drive his car by himself to the hospital. He phoned his hyung and asked him a favor to accompany him to the hospital.

When he was arrived, he couldn't help but to feel more sad than he was informed, he found his husband laid in the bed with clothe covering his eyes, yeah, he realized that his husband have just left him forever.

Then a police approached him and asked if he has any relation with Donghae, when he said he is his wife, the police hand him items in a big sack that found in his husband car. He thanks the cops and see the big sack, it has a doll, reminder from their first anniversary in a relationship. There's anything, in the car, but there is a white foreign sack, when he opened it, he realize that it was from the grocery store, inside it, there's a lot of strawberry stuff. Then he cried more than he has before. If he didn't buy that strawberry stuff first. Will this thing happened?

But he was still didn't want to believe that condition, he walks toward his husband and telling him to wake up, of course it's a vain. His husband will never wake up. He crouched in the ground and cried. It's a painful cry. The cry that will make you feel the pain when you hears it.

And his hyung just hug him to calm him down. After Hyukjae finally calmed down a little, he heard his hyung's phone ringing, his hyung get it and informed to the person who called him that his husband has just passed away.

Hyukjae, who was earlier crouching in the ground immediately rose up and run towards his hyung direction, he snatch his hyung's phone and hang it up.

"Hyung.. H..hyung! Hae.. Will make it! He will!!" He yells in desperation as his tears rolled down continuously. Leeteuk -his hyung- eyeing him with such a pity and stroke his hair.

"Hyukjae. Wake up! He has passed away already." Leeteuk said, he is hoping that he can knock his dongsaeng's sense. But Hyukjae just shaking his head vigorously, stated his disagreement to the older.

He squatted down again like a lost child and hug his knees. Staring hollowly. He is in a lost. He don't know how life's without his husband. His hyung just patted Hyukjae and hug him.

"Hyung.. What should I do?" Hyukjae asked hollowly.


Hyukjae is lying at his bed, just awake from sleep, he is now searching for a warm body beside him, but it seems like none. He snuggles to his right side but there's none except the cool bedsheet. 'No, that's not happening.' Hyukjae thought. He force himself to sit in his bed. He rubs his eyes and open his eyes widely, scans for the entire room. He found none of his husband's trace. He cried again, yesterday was true, yesterday was happened. His Hae left him. He cried like no tomorrow. He clutch on his bolster, hug it tight and cried out loud.

'What is he gonna do without hae?'

Or the exact statement,

'How is he gonna live when there's no hae?'

Donghae is his everything. Since the moment he was birth until now, he never treasure anybody more that Donghae. He seems so lost. He cry again.

Until he is so tired of crying, he decides to take a bath. He could feel the warm waters enveloped him and feel grateful for it. At least he feels like it soothe him. Because no one soothe him, he doesn't let them to. Like Leeteuk yesterday, he doesn't let Leeteuk when the other wanted to sleepover.

Leeteuk's in charge of everything, of Donghae's funeral and stuff, of greeting the visitor in the dead ceremony, all that because he don't wanna attend it, he feel it's so unreal. And he don't want to.

He won't be able to take it when people will give him an apologetic smile saying "i'm really sorry for your lost."

No he won't be able to take that. He don't wanna believe that his husband left him, even it means he will lie awake to himself. He is too lost in thinking that he don't realize that tears has escaped his eyes again. He wiped his eyes harshly and get out from the shower box, he didn't bring his clothes like he usually do, he don't even bring the boxer, because he know that Donghae loves when he is out from the bathroom naked, despite towel in his waist. But he always dressed completely in the bathroom because he is too shy, even Donghae persuade him, he never use only towel except he is forget to bring his clothes.

But now he hopes that when he is out their bathroom door -which is connected to the bedroom- his husband will eyeing him teasingly from the bed and hugged him, kissed his neck and jawline lovingly, just like usual when he's out from the bathroom with only towel.

He is out from the bathroom and scans in his bedroom. Nothing. He found nothing, not his teasing husband's look. Not a grin, not a hug in the back, and not a kissed in his neck and jawline.

"Stupid, what did I just hope? It's stupid." Hyukjae mumbled. Then he walks toward his wardrobe, when he wants to grab his own clothes, he see his husband's big clothes. He caressed it and take it, he smell for it for a long time and decide to use his husband's clothes instead of his. It's hanging loose in his small body and he hugs himself. "Feels so Hae." He said patheticly. Then he sniffing himself, "smelt like Hae." He said trembling in the verge of tears, but he quickly wiped his tears away.

He quickly dressed and goes to the kitchen.

He cooked a kimchi pancake, the one that his hae loves the most and he is serving for two. After finished cooking, he called for his husband.

"Fishy Hae.. I cooked your favorite dish." Hyukjae yelled. His yell echoed in the entire apartment and seems so hollow, so empty. Then he hits his own head.

"Babo me, of course there's no Hae." He said and chuckled bitterly. Then he scooped the other pancake to the trash bin. And he start to eat his pancake. It's tasteless and drives him crazy. He force to eat them halfway and the other half ends in the trashbin as well. Then he goes to his bed and sleep again.


He wakes up and feel the urge to cry again, but he feels slightly warm, and he snuggles closer to that source of warm. He open his eyes slowly and found his husband eyeing him lovingly. He found it hard to believe but he just hug his husband without asking more question.

"Hyukkie baby, you sleep so long." His husband said and stroke his hair.

"Hmm.." Hyukjae only said and inhaled his husband's smell, scared that it was just a dream. After he snuggles close to Donghae for a few good minutes, he asked Donghae.

"Fishy, what do you wanna eat?"

"Mm.. You?" His husband chuckles and peck his lips, he felt so embarrassed and he bet his cheeks shades in a dark red.

"I asked you seriously Hae." He whines and hit his husband's chest lightly.

"Okay, okay, just cook whatever you want." Donghae said, they both rose from their bed and walks toward the kitchen, Hyukjae prepared all of the things, and Donghae just sit in the chair watching his wife works in amusement.

"My wife cook with my clothes hanging loose in his body." Donghae said teasingly, make Hyukjae flushed.

"Shut up." Hyukjae said.

"It's cute." Donghae said and Hyukjae felt his husband firm hand lingers in his waist, hugging him from the back. He suddenly feel so sad, is it real? Is his husband alive? So what's yesterday means? Is it only a dream? If that so, where's his husband this morning? Because he wakes up alone in his bed. But if his husband really dead, why is he hugging him from behind lovingly?

There's too many question in his head, but he decides to shrugged it off and finished the dish.

After he finished cooking, they eat together happily, then they are having movie marathon, it's a sweet day. Hyukjae is sitting in his husband's lap and rest his head on the other's chest. They are watching and teasing each other.

After they finished watching, they kissed. A passionate kiss that usually leads them to a hot sex. Hyukjae's hand start to slipped in his husband fabric but his husband pushed them of their making section. Hyukjae is pouting. He never rejected before. And Donghae just smile and peck his wife cheek.

"Look Hyukjae, I wanna say something." Donghae said with an apologetic smile.


"Hyukjae. I'm not a human." Donghae said carefuly and grabbed his wife's shoulder.

"Yesterday was happened, i'm on a car accident. I'm no longer a human Hyukjae. I have passed away."

"Huh?" Hyukjae frowns, he is really confuse.

"Look, I only have 10 hours with you before I left you forever. I begged God before and he let me be by your side for 10 hours and then I must be back to heaven. And my time almost up." Donghae said. There's silence, Hyukjae tried to register it all and after he could register it all in his mind, he shrugged his husband's habd and hit his husband's chest violently.

"Noo!! You are lying!" Hyukjae yelled and cry, Donghae pull his wife close to his chest, hug him tightly.

"I'm sorry. But my times almost up, be mature Hyukkie.. You can live.. Without me you can live." Donghae said, and he can feel Hyukjae shaking his head on his husband's chest.

"Mnooo.. I can't live without you. Please stay with me." Hyukjae said.

"Hyukkie.. Can't do." Donghae said.

"Donghae I love you.. Please.." Hyukjae said and pecked his husband's lips.

"Donghae..." Hyukjae cried.

"I will always love you Hyukkie. Sorry that I have to l-"

Hyukjae suddenly felt someone hitting his cheeks a lot of times and he feels like he is drag to a blackhole and hears his husband's voice.

"Hyukkie, hyukkie baby!!" He heard his husband yells and he open his eyes, seeing Donghae in front of him seeing him panickly.

"D..D..Donghae?" Hyukjae said and immediately rose, he found himself in the couch. With handphone in his hand. He eyed Donghae in front of him who see him with a confuse look. Then he hug Donghae. He realize that the whole thing just a dream, after he finished cooking, he plops himself in the couch and text his husband to remind him to buy him a lot of strawberry stuff and he fell asleep in the couch. Then that weird dream happened.

So in the real life, his husband is not passed away yet. He cry loudly and Donghae hug him with a confusely while patting his wife's back.

"Hyukkie?" Donghae said and Hyukjae tightened his hug.

Donghae was ringing the bell of their house earlier, but Hyukjae didn't open the door, so he decide to open the door himself and found that Hyukjae cries in the couch while sleeping, he immediately drop his grocery shopping sack and briefcase and he walks to Hyukjae, slightly slap his cheek so he could wake up, then after his wife is up, his wife start to cry and hug him. It confuse him.

"D.. Donghae.." Hyukjae said between his sobs.

"D..donghae.. I.. Have a nightmare." His wife said and cried even louder.

"Hush, it's okay. Everything's okay." Donghae said and caressed his wife's back continuously.

"Hae.. It's a really bad dream" Hyukjae said.

"Okay.. Okay everything's okay now." Donghae said and slightly pushed his wife and peck his lips. He then get the grocery sack.

"Look! Strawberry stuff!" Donghae said in excitement, hoping to cheer Hyukjae up, but Hyukjae cried even louder.

"No! I hate strawberry! No." Hyukjae said between his sobs. Donghae widened his eyes.


"I hate strawberries!" Hyukjae yell.

"Why? You love it! What's your dream actually?"

Hyukjae pull his husband to sit in the couch and started to tell his nightmare. Then after it, Donghae bite his lips hard, surpressed his laughter.

"You fish you even laugh!" Hyukjae said in frustration as Donghae burst out laughter.

"Haha.. You even only used towel out from the bathroom!" Hyukjae pout and rose up, taking the grocery sack and take out chocolate pudding.

"Hyukkie.. It's not a strawberry. It's mine."

"No! I hate strawberry. Now this is mine." He said and hugging the chocolate possessively.

"Hyukkie.. You.. Really hate strawberry?" Donghae widened his eyes, feeling amazed. Then Hyukjae nod vigorously. Donghae laugh even harder.

"I hate you fish!" Hyukjae yelled.

"No, you love me, you're scared to lose me. You even walked out the bathroom with only towel and use my shirt." Donghae said and walks toward the sack and get a strawberry pudding.

"No!!" Hyukjae yell and snatch the pudding from Donghae's hand and throw it to the trash.

"No!! No one eats strawberry!!" Hyukjae yelled. Donghae shakes his head for his wife's antics and ruffles his wife hair.

They eat that chocolate pudding together.

"Hae.. Don't leave me okay?" Hyukjae said with a pleading eyes.

"Yeah. I won't."

"Really?" Hyukjae asked.

"Yeah, until death-" Hyukjae covered Donghae's mouth.

"No mention of death." Hyukjae glared, makes his husband laugh again.

Writer's note : Hey there, it's my first oneshot in LJ ♥
please give me comment if you enjoy this fics. it would really make me smile.
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Tags: donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, fic: bad dream, genre: angst, genre: drama, genre: fluff, genre: romance, haehyuk, rating: pg 13

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